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Shailesh Bhai Ke Saath Khaas Baat' - Episode 1

ET NOW's new segment 'Shailesh Bhai Ke Saath Khaas Baat' gives us a look at renowned chartered accountant and tax specialist Shailesh Haribhakti's view on the markets and Indian economy. He speaks on the moonshots that will drive India's growth in the exclusive conversation with Nikunj Dalmia, ET NOW's Managing Editor. He continues to remain wildly optimistic because there is room for a moonshot, and invests in digitisation & healthcare in a big way. But why is he 'wildly optimistic' and what is the right way of looking at the world? What are the two things which can be done now without any changes in policy, framework, and investment? Where is India's divestment headed? What are the moonshots needed to drive the growth and what are the major drawbacks? Shailesh Haribhakti speaks on all these questions and more with Nikunj Dalmia.