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This Durga idol in Kolkata is made of around 50 kg gold

As the country is dip into the festivities of Durga Puja, different types of Goddess Durga idols can be seen across the country. People in Kolkata are celebrating one of their most glamorous and biggest festivals with full fervor. A goddess Durga idol has been made of around 50 kg gold. Around 250 workers, who worked in day and night, completed Durga idol of gold in 3 months. This is not the first time that the puja organisers have resorted to such an ostentatious display of jewellery. In 2017, they had draped goddess Durga in a gold saree. Last year, she was astride a silver chariot. While speaking to ANI, a puja community member said, "We just wanted to show the world and the country that machine can't make the idol of gold, only man can do it."