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    Loan Defaulters- you have some rights too. Here is a list of your rights

    When a borrower does not repays the loan money back, the lender/bank use their own methods to recover the amount. In such unfortunate circumstances, the borrower who now is termed as loan defaulter neglects his rights and is often pushed into more troubles. Like there are rules to keep an accused in

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    Which is better when buying a home? Home loan or cash?

    Happiness is… Buying a new home.

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    Factors to check before applying for an MSME loan

    Fret not, there’s help at hand if you own a micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME). A secured loan is when you put a collateral while applying for a loan, while the latter has no collateral attached. As it is an unsecured loan, the interest rate is higher compared to a secured loan.

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    Why do entrepreneurs struggle to get a business loan?

    Your business may have the potential to grow in future, but lenders can still refuse to give you a business loan. If your personal or business credit score is low, lenders may find it hard to trust you with a business loan. This is especially because you are applying for an unsecured business loan.

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    All you need to know about education loan

    Over the past few decades, the cost of education has sky rocketed. In fact, the cost of education at a certain reputed institution is expensive such that parents’ savings fall short. The answer to this question comes in the form of education loan from various lending institutions.

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    Banks or NBFCs: Who should you take a loan from?

    When shopping for a loan, you usually have two choices. You can head to a bank. Or you can approach a non-banking financial company (NBFC). Both entities lend money for various needs. But there are key differences between their loans. Should you take a loan from a bank or an NBFC? Which one would be

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    Top-up loan v/s personal loan: What is the right option for you?

    Prerna took a home loan around three years ago to buy an apartment. Does she have an option other than a personal loan? Banks or non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) give a top-up loan over and above an existing home loan.

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    How Is Your Home Loan Eligibility Calculated And How To Increase It

    This trend can be attributed to an array of home loans on offer in the market. A home loan is an easy tool to help you buy your house. Lenders look into a number of features to ensure you are ready to meet long-term financial expenditure.

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    Here's what you get with a secured loan

    Are you about to take a loan? Then you must know that there are two types of loans to choose from: secured and unsecured. Also, the type of loan you select will influence the rate of interest. Both types of the loan have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are five things you must know about

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    Credit Card Loan or Personal Loan: Which one should you pick

    When you need urgent funds for personal reasons, you have two options: a credit card loan and a personal loan. It is better to use personal loans for bigger buys or debt consolidation. You can use a credit card loan for smaller and short-term buys.

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    7 Common Home Loan Problems Faced By First Time Borrowers

    Most of usdream of owning that ‘oh-so-perfect’ home and even imagine it to the tiniestdetail. But to turn that dream into a reality, you may have to apply for aloan. Your lender may describe the process as ‘easy and fast’. But yourexperience may not prove to be so. You may actually face a few setbacks

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    6 assets that you can take a loan against

    What do you do when you are in urgent needof funds? You reach for the phone and borrow from a friend.  You always think of a friend first when inneed.  But your assets can prove to befriends too. They can be good friends when you are in need. You can turn tomost of your assets if you are facing a cash

  • Why farm loan waivers are to be blamed?
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    Why farm loan waivers are to be blamed?

    The sector remains in dire straits decades after independence on account of politicians failing to empower the farming community by putting them more in control of their produce and by increasing the irrigation cover, which is just about half at present. Farm loan waiver is one such measure. Both state

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    6 things you must know before taking a student loan

    Shruthi had always dreamed about an Ivy League experience. She was a good student. She loved the idea of being abroad. She looked forward to snowfall, foamy lattes, cashmere sweaters…. And she did get into her university of choice. But she was not sure of getting a full scholarship. She was torn between

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    5 Things you need to consider before prepaying your home loan

    D-E-B-T. L-O-A-N. O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G. Translate these three words and it turns into B-U-R-D-E-N. A home loan can weigh you down and could also put pressure on your monthly finances. In an emergency, you will have no reserve if you spend all your savings on your loan repayment. Consider the interest

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    Play KBC with yourself before applying for a bank loan

    Aspirations can sometimes cloud the mind. Areyou a student who wants to pursue an MBA abroad? Or are you hoping to give yourfailing business one last chance? At such times, you may want a loan to bailyou out. But every loan is a liability. Here are a few questions you should askyourself before applying

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    8 reasons your home loan application may get rejected

    Shailendra Kumar, 28, found his dream home in the Mumbai suburbs. He decided to fund the purchase partly through his savings and partly through a home loan. But soon after applying for a home loan, he received an email from the lender. The email informed Shailendra that his application was rejected.

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    5 reasons why business loan applications are rejected

    You either arrange the finance from your personal savings or look for a business loan. Getting a loan has become easier due to lucrative interest rates and smooth application processes. A credit score determines your credit-worthiness.

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    What banks consider while reviewing your home loan application

    Svetlana was looking at financing the buy with a home loan and personal savings. The 30-year old received promotional calls regularly from her bank to avail of a home loan. Let’s understand what banks look at before approving your loan.

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    Benefits of taking a joint home loan

    Most peopledream of owning a house. Remember the pride and excitement you felt as a child afterbuilding a sand castle? However, life does not remain simple as you age. Therising cost of property can dampen your spirits. Have you thought about takinga joint home loan? Here is why you should:

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    10 must-know terms before applying for a home loan

    To finance your purchase, you must be applying for a home loan. The jargon involved while availing a home loan can be confusing.  To make your home buying process easier, here are 10 terms you must know before applying for a home loan. Banks will give you a home loan up to a maximum of 80% of property

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    Loan Warrior

    This nimble fintech start-up is redefining lending practices.

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    How to get your loan approved by the bank

    The internet has made the loan application process quite smooth now. Know your need: Before you approach a bank for a loan, analyse what you expect from your loan. Document checklist: Before visiting the bank, create a checklist of documents you need to submit along with your application.

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    How to insure your home loan with the right cover

    The high cost of property requires opting for a home loan with big EMIs. When taking a home loan, your lender will also advise you to protect the loan with insurance cover. Home loan insurance is a policy that covers the outstanding loan amount.

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    The EMI trap

    Buying something on instalments may appeal to your lifestyle needs, but it may lead you to a debt trap that could potentially ruin you.