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    Use your credit card to pay more than just bills, here's what you need to know about credit card loans

    Although she had been enjoying the benefits of a credit card for a long time, she was unaware it could help her avail a loan too. A credit card loan is an easy and quick way of fulfilling your immediate cash needs. A credit card loan works best to finance short-term needs.

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    Why fixed deposits are an ideal investment for beginners

    Investing your savings is essential for a secured future. As a beginner in the world of investment, you would like to invest in an instrument that can give you a steady rate of return along with keeping your money away from risk. Fixed Deposits (FDs) ideally fit in both expectations and therefore are

  • Quiz: What does EMI stand for?
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    Quiz: What does EMI stand for?

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    5 Things To Consider Before Investing In High-Interest Fixed Deposits

    A Fixed Deposit (FD) is a secure investment that also has the capability to generate high returns. Such an FD is called a high-interest fixed deposit. Investing in such an FD could help your money grow at a quicker rate than a savings account and yet give you the same security feature.

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    How Fixed Deposit Can Help In Saving Money

    Having a savings plan is always a smart decision. According to Deloitte India and the Retailers Association of India, millennials currently comprise the largest demographic group in India. Millennials are investing in savings plans as 57% of them choose fixed deposits as a preferred instrument, according

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    FD Vs RD: What Is The Right Deposit Scheme For You?

    Thereare two types of investors, one with a risk appetite and the other who alwaysplays it safe. If you’re the first kind, you’re better off looking for mutualfunds and equity. However, if you’re not interested in experimenting but ratherprefer security and predictability with your investment, you could

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    6 things to consider before choosing the right fixed deposit scheme

    Fixed deposit (FD) is a reliable way of building wealth in the long run. Considered safe, this is one of the most popular investments among Indians. It won’t be surprising if your friends and relatives have advised you to open an FD at some point of time.

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    Savings Account Vs Certificate of Deposits (CDs) – Here’s the Difference

    As surprising as that might be at first, it is these small victories that’ll lead you to that bigger goal—saving money! Having a savings plan will help you reach your financial goals in the long run. Stashing cash under a mattress might not be a good idea but getting the right bank account is. The

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    Loan Defaulters- you have some rights too. Here is a list of your rights

    When a borrower does not repays the loan money back, the lender/bank use their own methods to recover the amount. In such unfortunate circumstances, the borrower who now is termed as loan defaulter neglects his rights and is often pushed into more troubles. Like there are rules to keep an accused in

  • Quick glance at interest rates offered on tax-saver fixed deposits by various banks
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    Quick glance at interest rates offered on tax-saver fixed deposits by various banks

    Interest rates on fixed deposits may have come down, but they still remain the most favoured tax saving tools. This is because of the zero risk they have unlike Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS), which is a diversified equity mutual fund. They are also preferred since they do not have a long lock-in

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    Which is better when buying a home? Home loan or cash?

    Happiness is… Buying a new home.

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    Factors to check before applying for an MSME loan

    Fret not, there’s help at hand if you own a micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME). A secured loan is when you put a collateral while applying for a loan, while the latter has no collateral attached. As it is an unsecured loan, the interest rate is higher compared to a secured loan.

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    Advantages for Women Applicants availing Home Loans

    Lower interest rates translate into affordable EMIs. Most lenders offer a concessional interest rate of 0.05% for women applicants. This is an advantage as you can save a significant amount of money with a lower interest rate.

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    Why do entrepreneurs struggle to get a business loan?

    Your business may have the potential to grow in future, but lenders can still refuse to give you a business loan. If your personal or business credit score is low, lenders may find it hard to trust you with a business loan. This is especially because you are applying for an unsecured business loan.

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    All you need to know about education loan

    Over the past few decades, the cost of education has sky rocketed. In fact, the cost of education at a certain reputed institution is expensive such that parents’ savings fall short. The answer to this question comes in the form of education loan from various lending institutions.

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    Banks or NBFCs: Who should you take a loan from?

    When shopping for a loan, you usually have two choices. You can head to a bank. Or you can approach a non-banking financial company (NBFC). Both entities lend money for various needs. But there are key differences between their loans. Should you take a loan from a bank or an NBFC? Which one would be

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    How to avail loans against shares, bonds, and debentures

    Akarsh didn’t know that he could take a loan against his investments in shares, bonds, and debentures. Read on to find out more about loans against shares, bonds, and debentures. You can borrow from lenders like banks and NBFCs.

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    Business loans: CIBIL score of all promoters matters

    There’s a lot you can do with a great product in hand but very less with no money in your satchel. Business needs money to survive and excel. Your own savings and revenue may not suffice for a lifetime. Sooner or later, you will need credit. Hence, maintaining a good CIBIL score for your business is

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    Top-up loan v/s personal loan: What is the right option for you?

    Prerna took a home loan around three years ago to buy an apartment. Does she have an option other than a personal loan? Banks or non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) give a top-up loan over and above an existing home loan.

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    How Is Your Home Loan Eligibility Calculated And How To Increase It

    This trend can be attributed to an array of home loans on offer in the market. A home loan is an easy tool to help you buy your house. Lenders look into a number of features to ensure you are ready to meet long-term financial expenditure.

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    Here's what you get with a secured loan

    Are you about to take a loan? Then you must know that there are two types of loans to choose from: secured and unsecured. Also, the type of loan you select will influence the rate of interest. Both types of the loan have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are five things you must know about

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    Credit Card Loan or Personal Loan: Which one should you pick

    When you need urgent funds for personal reasons, you have two options: a credit card loan and a personal loan. It is better to use personal loans for bigger buys or debt consolidation. You can use a credit card loan for smaller and short-term buys.

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    7 Common Home Loan Problems Faced By First Time Borrowers

    Most of usdream of owning that ‘oh-so-perfect’ home and even imagine it to the tiniestdetail. But to turn that dream into a reality, you may have to apply for aloan. Your lender may describe the process as ‘easy and fast’. But yourexperience may not prove to be so. You may actually face a few setbacks

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    6 assets that you can take a loan against

    What do you do when you are in urgent needof funds? You reach for the phone and borrow from a friend.  You always think of a friend first when inneed.  But your assets can prove to befriends too. They can be good friends when you are in need. You can turn tomost of your assets if you are facing a cash

  • Top 10 nations with highest deposits in Swiss banks
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    Top 10 nations with highest deposits in Swiss banks

    Black money has been a hot-button issue since long. From politicians to media, everyone hold forth on this global menace. But do we exactly know do slush funds lie? Where does this ‘black money’ come from? That vast amounts of illicit wealth have been stashed in Swiss banks has to come to be an urban