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    Trainn Stationn
    Tesla's share of the European EV market has plummeted over the past 16 months, from 31% to 13%.
    VW sales.....................................186,000
  • s
    elon pumped bitcoin to save his neck on the earnings call and then dumped it when he didn't need it. (its too volatile to accept as a currency for tesla) minimal short interest meaning longs are dumping it. P.S. cathie woods = elizabeth holmes inflation is coming and crypto won't save you p.s. margin debt is at record levels as it was in 2000 and 2008 before the crash folks sell crypto to finance margin positions on stock
  • N
    OK, I've decided that maybe I've been overly bearish on TSLA, so I'm going to give them a new valuation. Let's say that TSLA should be valued equally with the largest, old line car company on earth. VW. The market cap for VW is 162 Billion dollars. Even though VW has been around for 100 years and has 8 times TSLA revenue, we'll give them an equal value. Based on that new number, TSLA only has ANOTHER 70% to fall to reach our target. Sleep well Muskites.
  • L
    WOW the paid short posters have flooded this board for many days, who is paying them GM, NIO?
    do they know real investors do not listen to them?
  • S
    Many are becoming disillusioned with Musk, his tweets and his late shipments of promised products and features. He will fix this the way he always does, with a tweet. My guess is that he will announce his own private label "green" crypto.

    The fans will love it and, as usual, he'll make bank on it.
  • M
    I've been on a close-watch trying to calculate what to do next as everyone might be anxious with Elon's control of the crypto market as it can either go downhill or uphill with just a single tweet. As I was contemplating, I did some research on other cryptocurrencies that will work best for me and is away from market manipulation and I found Gamestonk Token. This new crypto will change the crypto industry as we know it. The first of its kind to be supporting the free market that gives power to the traders and is anti-institutional that prevents institutions from buying huge amounts of the coin and then dumping.
  • s
    Tesla must partnership with NIO for swap battery technology in order to survive in China Market. More and more big carmarker such as Ford, etc are partnership with NIO for Swap Battery Technology. China Gov fully support NIO to build Swap Battery Station in a whole China Market...
  • F
    BTC-USD approaching a drop of 33% from all time high, requiring a 50% rise to regain that apex. You might want to think again, if you wish to get Musk involved..., in anything you invest in. That boy just ain't "right".
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    The new Tesla Toilet is sold out for the next three years. Life changing innovations. 1 million reservations ($10, refundable deposit). A few software glitches, and a several unfortunate non-life threatening injuries, when males inadvertently engaged "ATR Mode". Musk ensures new code in a few month will rectify the problem, via an OTA upgrade. Elon Musk, always finding the solution, to a non-existing problem.
    (Automatic Tampon Removal)
  • A
    people seem to be stuck on the valuation as a car company.. forget that it's a car company, it's much more. will be a trillion in next couple years no doubt
  • t
    who believes there's going to be a massive TSLA rally here?... why would there be? buying opportunity? $500B valuation on no profits? their cars keep smashing into things... seriously? there's no robo taxis coming to save the day. this story is dead.
  • B
    All those Longs deciding to buy and hold past Jan 1st are in red and nervous. Not long for the Longs and then all those having baught during the last 12 months will join them.
  • M
    Elon: Hey Investors - watch us make a ton of money in bitcoin.
    Elon: Hey Investors - that was a bad idea. We are getting out of bitcoin.

    Does this guy have any clue what he is doing?
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    $SPY conversation
    If electric cars as so great, why does Biden need to spend 170 billion in tax credits to push consumers towards EV? If EVs are that great, wouldn't people buy them anyhow? Only time you have to "pay" someone to buy something is if the product isn't that good. $tsla $nio $f $gm
  • K
    GM === 60,000 third party charging plugs throughout the U.S. and Canada.

    GM is partnering with companies like Blink Charging and ChargePoint to create a coast to coast integrated system of 60,000 chargers. GM EVs will have a dashboard app to find chargers.

    Most likely the retail sales will go to GM and GM will pay their partners a discounted price.

    More Speculation:
    This network is ripe for exploitation as a sales incentive. Tesla once offered free charging for life. I suspect GM will offer free charging for a 2-3 years. when they need to boost sales.
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    Enron De Musk’s bitcoin dumping have caused many cybertruck orders to be cancelled. Big buyer of EV credits from Europe no longer needs EV credits. Without btc and EV credits, good luck Enron in beating any earnings for 2021.
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    Can not pre-order Cybertruck on Tesla website anymore! I think they already have too many pre-orders that they can't produce them fast enough when they come out of production line in Austin. I guess good problem to have :-)
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    Tesla stock is crashing!!! $50 is where it belongs! Michael Burry Approved!!!
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    Nio Inc just outbeat Tesla sales in China for their EVs. Seems like Nio is on the rise.Tesla holders should look into Nio. Loads of top companies are throwing in their investment into that EV company and they are expanding to Norway in September and confirmed to North America soon. For those who want to buy low and sell high, this is your chance to invest in Nio.
  • G
    I think even 'bulls' are getting tired of the Tesla flip flops.

    Bitcoin volatility may come back to bite, just as China volatility and FSD volatility and quality volatility and Cybertruck volatility and well, the CEO isn't helping in any of it. Investors can only take so much uncertainty when things are priced for perfection for all of eternity.