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Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

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    Tesla, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, leases electric vehicles, and energy generation and storage systems in the United States. Please check the disclaimer on the landing page. And while checking, you could look into these other companies which could create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions in order to improve our community experience. Could these steps become game changing decisions? Give your ideas here:
    Potential Treatment for Leukemia has Investors taking another look
    Potential Treatment for Leukemia has Investors taking another look
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    Voltes 5
    Why Tesla will be 1000 to 2000 in 2021?

    1. Momentum
    2. More longs than short
    3. Cult following
    4. Good the planet and make money while doing it
    5. Revenue sources coming from Solar Roof ( deals have already been made with home builder folks )
    6. Improve battery performance ( distance, efficiency, longevity )
    7. New investment class getting into the market and they understand Tesla (Millenials)
    8. Covid vaccine in end of 2020
    9. Last stages of covid with vaccine on the way results in improve outlook of the economy in general....more optimismbetter for stocks
    10. Completion of the Giga factory in Berlin
    11. Completion of the Giga factory in Austin
    12. Delivery of first batch of Semi in end of 2021
    13. Delivery of 1st batch of cyber truck in end of 2021
    14. 1 million vehicles on the road by 2021 ( if Tesla can deliver 500,000 this year with 2 new Giga in 2021 that is a cake walk )
    15. Tesla insurance revenue takes off ( 1 million Tesla on the road will result in a significant uptick in Tesla insurance revenue sources)
    16. FSD passes regulators in 2021 ( this is not speculation, if data is presented regulators will pass it. It is also to the benefit of the US to pass 1st FSD so US can capture global market before other countries can). There is a lot more riding on this than just Tesla folks
    17. Tesla Mega pack revenue is exponentially growing because of the obvious benefit. Since they first installed it in Australia it became evident that it is working very well in stabilizing the electric grid and reducing cost. Since then many countries also ordered it and in 2021 you will see mass adoption on other cities from the same customers and also new customers. Read the reports per country and see for your self.....Australia is already expanding Tesla Megapack in all areas country.
    18. There will be an announcement at some point on a partnership with VW for Tesla batteries. I will not be surprise as the CEO of VW has consistently been praising Tesla....that does not happen folks! Also if you think VW is a small player....your wrong VW owns 10 car companies....Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, Bentley.......
    19. In 2021 more Analyst will have to upgrade Tesla....why? Because if the price keeps going up and they kept their estimates below...they will loose credibility with their customers
    20. In the end of 2020 there is a steady decrease in short position for Tesla and that trend keeps going down....very good for the stocks
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    made so much money on tesla in 3 months. should I get a Lamborghini or an Aston Martin?
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    Direct Quote from Barron:

    Indexes will be buying $70 billion, give or take, of Tesla stock on or around Dec. 21. More important, they have to buy about 2 million more shares now that Tesla stock gains are outpacing the S&P 500 by such a wide margin.
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    Elon should announce another stock split, 5 to 1 to increase liquidity. 😁
    Stay liquid people!
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    In twenty years we will all look back and say yup. That was the moment. When they did that genius stock split it was the turning point. No more questions about the future of Tesla. Nothing but stock splits and index inclusions from there. Throw numbers out the window. There was a stock split and it will be added to the SP500 . That was all I needed to hear , personally , to know the value of the company was infinite.
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    I made 600k today on tesla alone. I'm putting in 200k and importing 5 nio cars from China to give away to the homeless for a youtube viral video.
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    Ark investments just upgraded PT for next year to 1500.
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    An endless stream of buyers willing to pay any price. Looks like volatility is gone ever since the SnP incision was made official. God help these markets
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    Tony W
    Are index funds done with buying? Looking at the billions that the stock prices has gained since SP500 inclusion announcement I am afraid so.
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    The market cap gained by Tesla today alone was worth the entire company of Ford :-)
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    Great American
    TSLA stock price just upgraded by CFRA from $560 to $650.
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    Only 815 have died in Mexico this morning. That’s only 300 percent higher than the average daily deaths. The market will soar on this news.
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    The scary thing is the index funds will be approximately $70 billion worth of TSLA on December 21. The buying has not even started.
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    Wow, my Tesla portfolio just reached 200K Canadian. :)))
    Next step is 200K USD.

    Thank you Elon
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    Sell Nio Scam, buy MOMO
    $^IXIC conversation
    Will $TSLA BUBBLE FALL ever again???
    Or it is a FREE MONEY ATM and Fundamentals DO NOT MATTER at all???
    Is the US Stock Market a PURE PONZI SCHEME?
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    Most of these analysts are just reacting to what's already occurred. Look to the ones, like ARK, who told you this was coming long before it happened.
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    Looks like Cathy Wood’s 3000/share price target wasn’t wrong after all. Glad I took that advice 2 years ago.
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    Tesla is on its way to a 100 trillion market cap. Mark this post!
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    Thumbs up if you don't plan on selling a single share.