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  • M
    Mars Beta Cuck Wreekie Corp
    Good news! Apple will likely buy TSLA when the share price is $15. So, any day now. hahahaha.
  • J
    Johnny T.
    guys, remember, tsla is a software company as well.. when robot taxis are launched using tsla platform, the potential for tsla will be enormous. imagine your car dropping you off at work, then going to pickup and drop off the kids in school, piano lessons, and then turning itself into an Uber taxi and making money for you..
  • s
    I soldout on the way up, $500 $700 $850. Now tempted to repurchase. Ark has been adding. Tonight Cramer predicted the big winners could quickly fall another 20%, including my so-called sure thing GOOG that I've refused to sell. How low could TSLA fall? Opinions appreciated.
  • G
    Musk burning all that methane in rocket launches, mining for natural gas and exploding rockets doesn't seem "congruous" with sustainability (which is a big portion of Tesla's Musk-penned mission statement) . . . nor does bitcoin "the energy-intensive mining of which produces more greenhouse gases than many medium-sized countries” . . . nor is Lithium mining . . . most definitely "incongruous"
  • i
    Update on the Tesla stock fraud...

    As I've previously written, cultists will end up losing every penny as Tesla sinks to the single digits. Tesla has squandered its first mover advantage, and Elon Musk is quickly losing credibility as lie after lie gets exposed/debunked. Keep in mind that the stock price is not $660. It's actually $3,000, which is the price before the bogus 5 for 1 split specifically engineered to cause a short squeeze and artificially inflate the market cap by an additional $200 billion.
  • X
    Tesla still hasn’t seen the full force of competition yet folks.
    “North America saw 15 (EV) launches last year, but 64 are planned for this year.”
    “Around 65 new EV models launched in Europe last year . . . 99 scheduled to hit the market this year”
  • T
    The clueless about the financial system are buying. The entire functionality of the financial system is in question right now.
  • P
    What’s the point of all this b$ back in forth. If you know you know. Tesla is going to be huge and people shorting or missing out especially when their being gifted a massive discount are gonna have regrets in a few years. This is an investment, that’s why we didn’t sell when it was $900. Our vision is much bigger! you saw how fast it went up last time. The next time will be higher and faster, whenever that starts to happen. Hold strong and if a price looks juicy BTD! Long and strong
  • G
    P/E of 1200, only profit from government subsidies, investing in Bitcoin instead of the company your CEO of, Dr Michael Burry states that the price is 90% over valued. What could go wrong except bankruptcy.
  • i
    Swap your shares with Oil stocks. Oil is the new KING
  • T
    The main reasons there won't be massive inflation is because 1% of people control 99% of money. That means that only 1% of all available money is creating velocity on main street. Inflation is nowhere close to a threat. The possibility of deflation is a much larger possibility.
  • Y
    Lots of bears coming out of the wood works now. Do you guys remember the original iPhone? That phone single handedly created the current market of smart phones. No one cares who came second, when you think of smart phones you think Apple. That is exactly what Tesla has done in the EV space, they are light years ahead of the competition in both data of autonomous driving and experience producing EVs. They are just getting started, buy the dip. That is all folks.
  • K
    May 27, 2020 - Tesla cuts prices on ALL Models
    July 2, 2020 - Tesla worldwide sales fell YOY - despite the new factory in China
    July 13 2020 - Tesla cut the US price of the Model Y by $3,000

    Oct 12, 2020 - Tesla cuts the price of the Model S
    Oct 13,2020 (2 days later) - Tesla cut the price of the Model S again

    December 2020 - VW ID.3 outsold Tesla Model 3 in Europe
    December 2020 - GM mIni EV outsells Tesla Model 3 in China
    December 2020 - Tesla still dominates the US EV segment but annul US sales of the Model 3 declined by 32%

    February 2021 - Tesla cut the Japanese price of the Model 3 by 16%
    February 2021 - Tesla cut the U.S. price of the Model 3 again
    February 2021 - Tesla cut the U.S> price of the Model Y again

    February 2021 - Tesla shutdowns Fremont assembly plant
  • D
    Bitcoin is "not an investment" at best it's a gamble, it has no intrinsic value other than as a service facilitator. It's worth what it's worth because of scarcity and popularity ( mostly VIA first mover status), but scarcity of "what exactly" .. are we talking about re: Bitcoin is not unique and is extremely carbon intensive. It's not gold ie. if the gold market crashes gold still holds technical intrinsic value in manufacturing and jewellery, whereas BITCOIN WOULD BE WORTH ZERO because there are plenty of other facilitating technologies based block chain technologies that work the same. TSLA buying block chain runs counter to TSLA zero carbon pledge and looks more like a hail Mary to shore up profits as regulatory credits fade.
  • f
    Two ARK ETF, run by ETF star Cathie Wood sold over 500,000 shares of Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares yesterday, as the prices of those ETFs were basically flat. Each is up well over 100% in the last year. ARK Next Generation Internet ETF (NYSE: ARKW) sold 460,102 Apple shares.
  • M
    Michael Burry
    Last chance for Elon to issue more shares at 700+. Come on Elon there are some buyers now.
  • F
    NIO dragging TSLA up with them today. "You're welcome, Elon".
  • H
    Tesla's R&D spending will account for less than 5% of its total revenue in 2020
  • F
    My family is trying to decide if we should take a vacation this summer (pontoon boat rental / Lake Powell), or start a new EV company. We're leaning towards the pontoon trip, less crowded.
  • H
    There will be more EV manufacturers than combustion car manufacturers in coming years. All the traditional combustion car manufacturers will make EVs, plus more new companies will make EVs. Tesla will survive for a long time and become a normal EV manufacturer like others. So, it’s market cap value will be less than current one.