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Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)

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    Does anyone realize that the disruption that Netflix brought to the TV/Movie market, was just announced for the gaming market? Why would you play freemium games that are built to be hard so you have to buy stuff vs games that are just meant to be fun with no ads/pay walls. Netflix will disrupt the largest part of the gaming market(mobile) in doing this strategy. Only people with long term foresight will understand this post. Good luck sellers.
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    Netflix price target raised to $643 from $586 at Credit Suisse
    Credit Suisse analyst Douglas Mitchelson raised the firm's price target on Netflix to $643 from $586 and keeps an Outperform rating on the shares following quarterly results. The analyst notes Netflix reported Q2 net adds 541k ahead at 1.541M and guided to 3.500M for Q3, below his 5.0M but in the range of buy-side expectations. Revenue and EBIT were slightly ahead, while management reaffirmed 2021 guides for 200bp of margin expansion and positive free cash flow, and added a 12% content amortization guide, Mitchelson adds.
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    Netflix the best play going into the back half of the year, as expectations are low and the strong content slate ramps up.
    Netflix reiterated OVERWEIGHT and $700 price target at Wells Fargo
    Netflix reiterated BUY with a $650 price target at Canaccord
    Netflix reiterated OVERWEIGHT price target to 645 (from $650) at KeyBanc
    Netflix price target raised to $643 from $586 at Credit Suisse
    Netflix reiterated Outperform with $635 price target (from $655) at Evercore, Outperform
    Netflix reiterated OVERWEIGHT price target raised to $625 from $600 at JPMorgan
    Netflix reriterated BUY rating with $620 price target at UBS
    Netflix reriterated BUY rating with $620 price target at Jefferies
    Netflix reriterated Outperform with $620 price target at Oppenheimer
    Netflix reiterated OVERWEIGHT with a $600 at Piper Sandler
    Netflix reiterated BUY price target raised to $590 from $575 at Deutsche Bank
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    Got out at 519 for a small profit. This has been dead in the water ever since I bought it. The money is better off in the S&P 500. Good luck y'all.
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    $zm $docu $snap $NFLX all proved re-opening is not negatively affecting their growth. $Nvda proved gaming industry is soaring. Why T F is everyone so afraid of this company not exceeding expectations?? Forward p/e under 15. This is a joke and an outright buy!
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    Ok, the numbers weren't spectacular, but the business model is scalable and so even small increases help to generate disproportionately more profit. The price / earnings ratio is already moderate and Netflix has many other options for generating additional income in the future, for example gaming, merchandising or advertising. The trend towards digital entertainment is still in its infancy, so Netflix certainly has many years of great growth ahead of it. A share that I can carelessly left lying around for ten years, I remain bullish!
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    6% gain in the last 12 months.
    You wouldve gotten more in dividends if you had bought an oil stock plus a 10-20% gain.
    Chevron has been a better stock than Netflix in the last 12 months lol
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    It's official, the N in FAANG will be NVDA going forward.
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    Can someone explain to me how this is hasn’t dropped 5% yet? I bought in at $533 right before earnings and was lucky to cover at the same price AH. The video game streaming market is already saturated at without additional add-ons like ad revenue from certain premium streaming movies / option to buy or rent like Amazon prime, combined with increased competition from Disney+ I don’t know how they justify this valuation. This is no longer a growth stock but more like a utility stock - only incremental increases in price can lead to substantial gains in EPS or revenue. The days of the the 10M+ new subscriber quarters are long gone.

    Can anyone with some real knowledge share their opinion on this? Am I missing something?
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    Netflix entering the games industry could change the face of gaming and entertainment as we know it, or it could be a massive flop - it's impossible to say without knowing more about what they mean by video games. Since Netflix is not a hardware company, coming out with a console or Roku/smart stick type device to play games is likely out of the question, and the average smart TV cannot do much more than run basic apps, the games would have to be limited to mobile devices, which would make sense that they brought on a Zynga exec.

    Did anyone watch that Black Mirror movie on Netflix, Bandersnatch, which was interactive? You could watch the movie as is, or every so often it would give you a choice which you selected on your phone or TV remote, and the movie would change course. There were all kinds of endings and routes you could take in the movie, so rewatching it and making other decisions added a lot to an otherwise OK movie. This could be the direction that they are going: making movies and TV more interactive. I am not really sold on that idea though - interactive video is not that appealing to me, but I don't know about kids and everyone else. I'm sur people have said the same things about every other innovation. The other way I see it could play out, is that Netflix would develop some 'party games' like the Jackbox or Trivia, and people could submit answers from their phone.

    Ultimately, it comes down to: can Netflix develop games that people want to play? It's easy to just say "No", but great innovations rarely seem like no-brainers, so time will tell.
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    Carl Michael Howard
    I think it's a good sign that it's up after hours after being down so much after earnings were reported. In the past when I have seen stocks do this they have continued to go up over the coming days. The next few days will be interesting to see what happens but I predict we continue to climb. How bout the rest of you predict by replying with your predictions?
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    No matter which way I slice it this stock is dead in the water. I’ve owned it for months and would have made more $ investing in an etf; with considerably less risk
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    I bought $530 puts for $14.80, looks like I will break even or a tiny gain. All these nerves for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!
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    This stock has gone under 500 and passed 550 6 times in the last 12 months.
    Nobody has perfect timing but lets say you buy under 505 and sell at +545.
    Thats a 50% gain if you have some very good timing and do things very well.
    You could get more by just buying Apple or Paypal 12 months ago and do nothing. And easily double or more if you time Apple or Paypal a couple of times.
    Netflix has been horrible the last 12 months. They need better shows. Oh and someone tell them that 90% of the population isnt gay.