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NextEra Energy, Inc. (NEE)

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    $NEE.V conversation
    A Great write up flexing both the Northern Vertex story of Moss Mine and Hercules, as well as Doug Hurst's past and current successes. We have the winning combo - top tier projects and top tier management to generate value for us!

    Certainly worth a read if you are looking for exposure to #gold #silver. $NEE.V offers exposure as a gold producer, but also massive upside in exploration as they expand the resource and deposits at Moss, as well as at Hercules.
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    I read about NEE having a market capitalisation of $140.5 billion! Their balance sheet is really strong, where despite cash falling they improved the liquidity confidence for investors. You can read the full snapchat at @ecoshares on Instagram. They only cover climate change related firms.
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    I suspect TheStreet may have been prescient when it recommended shorting NEE to $68. Technically, NEE made a Death Cross when it fell through its 50 and 200 day moving averages a couple of days ago. Not a good indicator near term.
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    NEE is a great buy at its present price, remember when it was 48.00 a share and it went up to three hundred and split/. Well its the same company, only better with its growing green energy investments. In a few years you will wish you bought it.
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    i read a recent article from 10 days ago that describes this company's stock as having a dividend yield of 3.5%......then look at the summary stats presented by Yahoo and they say the div. yield is 1.98%. Who is correct?
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    Conclusion: NextEra has failed to set net-zero targets, align its capital investments with limiting warming to 1.5°C, or ensure its policy influence activities would support doing so. Therefore, we recommend that shareholders vote AGAINST Chair/CEO James L. Robo (Item 1.H) and vote AGAINST Lead Director Sherry S. Barrat (Item 1.A) on May 20, 2021.
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    Any info on renewable revenues falling 58%, nearly 1 billion dollars. Management has not been forth coming with an expanation. Big drop for a leading renewable energy company.
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    NextEra Energy Owned Generation (% of total MWhs), by fuel type2, 3
    Natural Gas
    Landfill Gas
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    MVP announced another downward spiral today: won't go into service until at least summer 2022 & another half billion $ over budget.
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    watch and learn, bears
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    Shorty McShortBear
    Still haven't pulled the trigger on my NEE Short Sell. Happily watching as she ticks up and thereby makes the Short even more attractive. So typical of a stock the day before earnings release in the midst of an irrational bull market. Super-confident traders piling on, not wanting to be left behind, ignoring all the signs of an impending sell-off.

    I might wait until 3:50+ ET to Short Sell this. No rush, anything above $80 is just wonderful right here. Even if they solidly beat earnings estimates, this should sell off tomorrow after release. If you are a numbers trader, just look at the financials: Heavy use of debt. Extremely high P/E. Sluggish growth rate. No way this should be trading at more than $60-$68/share, in a rational market.
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    A utility company trading at 51.4 x earnings? Price should be 1/2. I’d be a buyer at $42.50!
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    buying in steps, at the moment I have 18 shares. Planning to add on dips next months and hold forever
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    Wells Fargo joins Duke Energy, NextEra Energy to expand solar use in North Carolina! HUGE!
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    Bit of a pop, there, at the end of the selloff...! Somebody ain't buyin' it...! (Or is, I suppose!)
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    Shorty McShortBear
    In case anyone is wondering how I try to protect my cash in these potentially very volatile Pure Earnings Short Sell trades, I use a Conditional OCO order. In this case with NEE I am choosing a 10% bracket on both sides. So, Short at $80.30, I have a Limit Cover at $72.27 and a Stop On Quote Cover at $88.33.

    Obviously I am looking for the $72.27, but in these types of trades a smart trader MUST try to protect himself on the "wrong" side because if I am wrong and NEE comes out with great earnings, a huge pop of 20-40% cannot be ruled out. Usually I choose an OCO order with a Bracket between 10-20%, giving myself plenty of room to get a great profit, while at the same time trying to limit my loss to something manageable in case the trade goes against me. :-)

    Good Luck!
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    Chadjerious Johnson
    Intraday rebound and close going up
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    Gridliance acquisition now complete. Transmission is a big deal. Most green energy is going nowhere unless it can be hooked into the grid otherwise it is stand alone which is not how it will roll out in most places. NEE was smart to jump on this company and will be looking to add more transmission systems and build new ones. Also regulated so more or less guaranteed revenues. They are constantly on the prowl to add good assets. Forget about the day to day moves in the price and look at the big picture.
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    Galileo Investment
    Should be $50 or less by end of 2021, Way too overvalued with Revenue missed by 25% and Renewable Revenue cut in half.