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Dell Technologies Inc. (DELL)

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    DJ Rumble Fish
    Really Dell? 🤨
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    Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty reiterated her overweight, or buy, rating on Dell stock after the company's earnings report. She also raised her price target on the stock to 130 from 127.

    "The combination of accelerating ISG growth, VMware spin, and debt pay-down make Dell one of the best economic recovery plays," she said in a note to clients.
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    I bought this when it was $35 because cheapest tech stock over P/E ratio since then its going up and up i guess people noticed what I noticed everywhere you go shopping you see dell everyy
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    Im surprised that Dells 2.5 billion dollar(yes thats a B) contract didnt even tickle that stock value.
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    Anyone thinking we could see $200 by EOY 2022?

    I’ve been doing some dd and I think there’s a good chance but I’d like to hear your all’s thoughts.
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    Is there a date for the spin-off yet?
  • ע
    Good earnings call.
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    good earnings = stock goes down?
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    So why it’s crashing down now?
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    Ride with Michael and make a mint
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    Maintains Barclays Equal-Weight USD 80 » USD 92
    Maintains Raymond James Financial Outperform USD 113 » USD 118
    Target Raised by Morgan Stanley Overweight USD 127 » USD 130
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    Dell Technologies: Putting Most Of The S&P 500 To Shame

    Dude, I'm buying Dell stock.

    It's been years since Dell was a hot stock. But it's here again. Dell Technologies, a Texas-based maker of computing products, isn't even in the S&P 500, S&P 400 or S&P 600 indexes. But its shares are up more than 36% this year. That gain put more than $21 billion of wealth into investors' pockets this year. That more than investors made on 491 out of the S&P 500 stocks, including rivals Apple and IBM (IBM). Shares of IBM are up 15% this year, adding $17 billion in market value.

    Analysts say Dell's profit will dip 0.3% this year to $7.98 a share due to selling off some units. But profit is seen rising 5% in 2023 and nearly 10% in 2024.
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    $VLNCF conversation
    Wendy: For what it's worth, not selling. Said it before, this is like $DELL at 2 bucks. When "M's" $12 range comes along, will take original green out and let it ride - don't chase all the money in the world, catch what you can
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    Dell Scam:
    Dell's so called Spin-off of VMware deal is not what mainstream thinks.
    Dell will distribute its 81% stake of Vmware to Dell shareholders. Problem, Michael Dell now owns 65% of Dell and because of this he is the largest shareholder of Dell. Michael Dell will end up owning over 51% of VMWare with the distribution of Vmware shares transferring to Dell shareholders. Before the deal Dell was valued at a negative -24 Billion (Liquidity Hangover with so much debt) and after the VMware deal Dell is now valued at negative -4 Billion. Dell sold it stake in its Boomi Cloud business recently for 4 Billion cash so now Dell has a clean slate in regards to tilting to positive valuation trying to get investor grade rating by continuing to capitalize off other Vmware sharholders that are or non-Dell shareholders from past history manipulations. VMWare is still Dell's piggy bank by taking on more debt. Dell doesn’t have investor grade rating so it is going to shift the debt over to VMWare so now VMware may lose its investor grade rating soon. Michael Dell historically has dipped into the piggy bank with its DVMT tracking stock nightmare for VMWare which was supposed to track VMWare value which it didn’t and allowed Vmware value to evaporate into Dell’s piggy bank again. Dell floated Pivotal and monetized its value to pay down debt to deleverage and then Michael Dell used the piggy bank of Vmware again to buy Pivotal back after it realized how important Pivotal was to Dell eco-system.
    VMWare stock is controlled by Dell is a major concern because of Dell’s debt hangover so this is the reason most investors will not touch Vmware’s stock. The story continues to playout to pay down Dell’s debt with a salesmen like approach that Wall Street and mainstream investors do not understand what is going on in regards to lost Vmware value to sharholders.
    When Dell bought VMware initially, they had a gap between the amount of cash they could raise and the amount of debt they could take on. Dell and Silver Lake and a few other investors were only able to raise 4 Billion but they supposedly got 67 billion for the over deal. The way they covered the gap was they created a tracking stock called DVMT because Dell wanted to go public again to pay down their debt. DMVT was supposed track Vmware’s value but this never worked out for Vmware shareholders in their favor. DVMT was a public company but Dell was private and wanted to go public again so they were going to do this through the DVMT deal by issuing shares of Dell by going public again. Dell then was able to go public but with a lot of debt. Dell floated pivotal and monetized that specific companies value to pay down its large debt. Then Dell went back to Vmware as the piggy bank again and said now we want to buy Pivotal back by using Vmware’s cash and issuing some Vmware shares (Dillusion of VMware stock)
    My take on this is Michael Dell says he is unlocking value for Vmware and Dell both with the recent deal because Vmware has benefited off Dell’s eco-system by as much as 35% growth. The problem with this thinking is if all of this value (Vmware’s Cash) continually goes back to Dell over and over again then VMWare shareholders continually lose. The next losing step for Vmware because of the piggy bank drama unfolding again is on the horizon it appears Vmware is going to lose their investor grade rating. The large debt they are taking paying down Dell’s debt it is that simple. I wish mainstream investors could understand how many times Michael Dell has dipped into Vmware as the piggy bank with so many clever excuses that mainstream doesn’t understand the finanicial impact.
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    Waiting for that rug pull
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    DJ Rumble Fish
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    I just don't understand
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    Amazing this stock doesn't get more love. Been riding this train since the 60s. Have a friend who works at Dell, tells me how great the company is run, some really bright management at the top in place. Judt a solid profitable company that's undervalued because of its mamageable debt load. Think this will hit $120 within the year.
  • r
    Bull HPQ 2.5% yield PE ratio a steal. Dell debt load is gigantic with no dividend. HPQ looks like a major breakout to the upside $HPQ $DELL