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  • e
    Funny how the NASDAQ is up and apparently at all new records, but all the stocks are down......
  • m
    mike k
    Covid came back yesterday but its gone today - yea!
  • b
    Most people are calling for a crash! Trust they are wrong. The herd mentality is never right. Markets will increase another 20% EOY!
  • p
    All good news has already been priced into the market expect downward moves from here on out. Stock Market has peaked
  • B
    "Let’s imagine the best scenario. Suppose that the elevated prices we observe across financial markets are justified by subsequent cash flows. At an aggregate level, this would necessarily mean very impressive economic growth. However, that expectation is already baked in – the real economy would simply catch up to current valuations, confirming the impressive expectations those valuations already reflect. Valuation ratios, like the CAPE, would normalize because the denominator (earnings) would increase. This is the upside scenario – impressive economic growth, but little room for valuation multiples to expand further and future realized returns would be muted.

    The downside scenario is, of course, dire. Suppose realized future cash flows fail to live up to these lofty expectations. Valuation ratios would normalize by a fall in the numerator (prices), meaning markets sell off as participants downwardly revise their expectations going forward. Taken together, I see nothing but negative asymmetry — little additional upside potential and significant downside risk. At best, long-run expected returns critical for institutional and 401k investors are quite low."

    July 18th, Kenan Insight Research Director Christian Lundblad
  • m
    People who really make more money in today's stock market are the stock brokers, analysts, YouTubers (by view count), media, heck even government and billionaires. All bulls and bears are coaxed to buy and sell. 50% are bullish who buy on greed, 50% are bearish who sell on fear. Trade commissions, money in bid-ask spread, short interest, leveraged interest etc pouring on the middle men (and women)! Watch the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" and you'll understand. Everything is just Fugazi! Keep trading and make them money lol
  • B
    I'm a bull, but the current behavior is beyond all reason and justification. This is beyond fantasyland valuations...
  • B
    Boo Yah
  • f
    FED blatantly props up stock nearly every day. notice any time stock go red, they magically get bought up day after day, week after week. Nothing natural about this. END THE FED. Gold and Silver are money.
  • m
    Think it can't go any higher? Just wait 10 min. and boom, up it goes. Too high is never high enough with the FED printing money and pumping it daily. Debt has no meaning anymore, stock market gains is the only thing that matters.
  • A
    Why is yahoo errasing messages, i said give me a break now they want is to have hope and my opinion on the market, is this what we had become?
  • O
    Original Soothsayer
    I am a statistics kind of guy: Only 3% of the stocks are at new highs. There are more Nasdaq stocks hitting new lows today than new highs. The indices are dominated by a few megacaps, not representative of the overall market.
  • A
    This market is way up due to the Fed and the investors that are on Robinhood buying option on margin loans. It’s gonna make the crash of 2000 seem like child’s play.
  • T
    Bump’n against the trend line & the volume fell outta bed !!!

    See ya in the mid 20’s in a few weeks !!! & the sub 20’s thereafter at some point ! lol
  • N
    These earnings numbers are coming even more amazing than I expected. The US economy is just starting a new golden era. Over the next 10 years I predict the Nasdaq doubles. And people that are able to stock pick successful companies will make even more!
  • T
    The Majority
    Oh good, the markets are back up strong in record territory. That means America is running better than ever and the whole covid variant thing firing back up, with millions of small businesses now gone forever and millions are afraid to go back to work is meaningless to our economy.
  • f
    PPT every day ramp up into the close. END THE FED. Prison time needed for Powell, Yellen and all fed chairs past.
  • J
    Biggest bubble in history? Or was '00 bigger?
  • a
    market was and is over priced and has been for a very long time
  • J
    Stock market needs a correction a good 40% correction. It is grossly overvalued. Fed had created an obscene bubble. It's time to pop this and restore investor confidence.