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    Any Robinhood users out there having issues placing sell orders for $HOOD? I'm able to sell other stocks, but for whatever reason it's not allowing me to sell $HOOD. I tried with the iPhone app and on the web but no luck.
  • T
    Interesting that the stronger, heavy hitters stocks like Amazon missed on earnings,FB down, Microsoft, 10 year down,meanwhile Tesla in the green-(go figure)-and FedR is gonna keep printing, to whole back the floods.
  • S
    AMZN’s revenue miss is pulling the PPS down over 7% in after hours. FB down over 4% today after their user growth declined. MSFT up a bit today after a stellar quarter. All fantastic companies, however I believe this could be the start of the 10-15% correction that a lot of analysts have been predicting lately. If FAANG corrects it will definitely take the entire market down.
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    F. Drake
    Dudes lost in the desert since the Big Move and recent detention by the authorities. Ya Know, big Guys in tailored Black suits.
  • R
    Viewing comments on this thread it is IMO, that a high portion of posters here do NOT have large portfolios. If they did, they would not enter frequent postings here. Those with little compensate by frequent complaints and rants.
  • B
    WOW Finally Congress is allowed X45's taxes, weird and scary it takes courts to allow what's written in the US Constitution. Steven Mnuhin has another charge added to his courting too-yea, that's coming! It wasn't Mnuchin's job nor sole discretion to act as x45's personal guardsman. Nor Mnuchin's job to personally ok a 800k Fed/Fan loan to Kersner/Jr's/x45's personal businesses... When under US Treasury's seizer. Hope all these old guys outlive their expiration dates to actually see charges proved and follow through done!
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    2012 CLC
    The rumor is pending lock downs, closures and masks. Sell before the big drop.
  • C
    I wonder if I should get my good suit out for the August inauguration of Trumpski. Hmmmm.. I'm ready that's for sure for the greatest pres ever. After the AZ audit results lol
  • A
    One of Trump’s close personal friends for decades, Barrack is the latest in a long line of the former president’s associates to face criminal charges, including his former campaign chair, his former deputy campaign chair, his former chief strategist, his former national security adviser, his former personal lawyer and his company’s longtime chief financial officer.
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    Looking @ this Delta variant of Covid- what was the difference in Delta and the U.K. variant and South Africa variant? no answers from CDC and is it really a serious variant? also U.K. has not reached it's peak of Delta, it still having cases of it, going higher, also other countries reporting higher cases like Spain, France, Indonesia, Iran, some countries guess don't have a reporting system or it's shoddy, so why don't we have transparency again on this, because sadly it's become a political pathogen too. So you won't get a true answer from either side, since mask and vaccines are being strongly encouraged, why not let health experts talk freely without pressures from the political sides. That's why there is the distrust of the messaging(agenda filled) of BOTH sides. This is a health crisis not a political crisis.
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    Original Soothsayer
    We have record high P/E ratios, so don't tell us stocks aren't overvalued.
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    FB down after good earnings and Amazon, Paypal, yet others rising higher, RHood shares fall, payback anyone? SMH! unemployment rising and debates over wearing mask again(Foxnews having fits over it :) it's political though), do wear my mask, not anti-mask, think indoors it's more important than outdoors, though speaking with a health worker who commented wears mask outdoors too, especially in major big city we're in. Seen a sick person(don't know what they had) with no mask outside of a major home improvement store going in was blowing out mucus everywhere (it was worse, sparing you the graphics) fortunately we were not close to person and had masks on. The store had just changed it's policy from no masks to don't have to wear, he went in without a masks, wonder what he touched too.
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    No Pretenders
    Why are tax payer dollars used to pay illegals debts!
  • g
    Imagine the headlines if DJT admin had missed GDP expectations by nearly 23%, just imagine what they would, look at this Reuters headline posted by Yahoo - "U.S. economy grows solidly in second quarter; labor market healing"
  • K
    190 stocks hitting 52 week highs today and today was a down day. Businesses are doing great with high demand for almost everything. I think SPY will break plenty more record highs in coming months.
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    Original Soothsayer
    The only thing ending green today will be Sleepy after eating Dr. Jill's cooking.
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    Fred E
    Seeing conservative anti vaccination geniuses on ventilators is very satisfying
  • C
    If the admin is serious about fighting the virus they would stop the thousands of Covid carriers at the border and stop sending them throughout the country.
  • C
    Yahoo fake new story number two of the day on Yahoo to try to break bullish oil prices down. Note the article does not even mention surging demand and the small amount of OPEC production doesn't meet the demand!
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    Smarty J. Marty
    Mike Lindel pulls ads from Fox News. That leaves just Catheters, Stairlifts, and Gold sponsors.