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Tokyo, Japan (US$1,520 billion)

No one expected the city battered by earthquakes and bombs during the world wars to make such a stellar rebound; after Japan’s surrender in 1945 in the Second World War, Tokyo swiftly rose from its ashes like a phoenix to become the economic powerhouse that it is today. Electronics, publishing and telecommunications industries are mainly powering its economy. This has also led to a massive influx of residents, driving its population to a staggering 39 million. This is almost 50 percent more than any other city in the world. But the Japanese capital is more than well equipped with world class amenities to offer best quality lifestyle to its teeming millions.

Wealthiest cities in the world

With respect to GDP, Indian cities are expected to grow the fastest in the next two decades. This has been revealed in a recent report by Oxford Economics.

Despite it, however, the combined GDP of Indian cities wouldn’t be anywhere close to that of Chinese, European or American cities at present. These super-wealthy cities spread across the world are home to several service sector companies and manufacturing units. Those have created jobs, driven up the standard of living and the cost of living.

In this slideshow, we take a closer look at their sources of revenue that places them several notches higher than our cities.