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India's 30 most livable cities

16.  Indore

(photo credit: Srihari Raman/Wikimedia Commons)

Top 15 cleanest cities in India

It's common knowledge that the standards of sanitation in India are abysmal. Almost 60% of India’s population defecate in the open with no toilets add to that the lack of waste management leaves cities with garbage is spewed all over the place. Some cities in India, however, have managed to overcome challenges and managed to keep street clean and green.

Chandigarh emerged as the cleanest Indian City accrding to the National City Rating published by Ministry of Urban Development. The rating was carried out by three agencies i.e AC Nielsen-
ORGMarg, Development and Research Services (DRS) andCEPTUniversity. The process of data collection was carried out between December 2009 and March 2010