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How prepared are countries to handle pandemics on a scale of 1-100?

Index Scores by level of preparation to respond to an epidemic/ pandemic

Top 10 nations best equipped to deal with a pandemic: Is India ready?

Novel coronavirus has already claimed 1,850 lives, and infected more than 72,000. Almost half of China's 1.3 billion-strong population is under lockdown. That is how potent the threat of the virus is.

Fresh cases of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, which emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan, are being reported daily around the world. As this deadly virus grips some nations around the world and is fast-spreading to others, here’s examining how prepared countries around the world are to handle widespread diseases, mainly epidemics and pandemics.

National health security is fundamentally weak around the world, and no country is fully prepared to handle an epidemic or pandemic.

The Global Health Security Index lists the countries best prepared for an epidemic or pandemic. The report uses public information to assess each country’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to health emergencies.

So, which countries are best prepared to handle pandemics? And how prepared is India? Take a look.