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Rank 10: Bhopal attracted $256 million FDI inflows in the period 2014-17

Top 10 cities that received highest FDI in last 3 years

Yahoo India Finance Team
Yahoo! India Finance

The Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Front government has opened up a few more sectors to foreign direct investment in a bid to boost growth and development. The government, in a reforms push, has also increased sectoral limits of existing sectors where FDI is allowed and simplified conditions of the FDI policy.

Sectors like defence, railways and aviation have been made more attractive to foreign investors. A lot of FDI since the new government took over have come in. The total FDI received in the 3-year period since the NDA government assumed power has been to the tune of $128.63 billion. Of this, $96.59 billion was received in tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

Here’s a look at the top 10 Indian cities that attracted maximum FDI in the last three years.

(Source – FDI Statistics from Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion; Photos: Getty Images, AP, Reuters)

Note: 1 US dollar is equal to 64.76 rupees