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Still unclear about Govt's Atmanirbhar stimulus 3.0: Here's what's in it for you

Chaitra Anand

The much awaited stimulus package, the third in a row, was announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on 12th November, 2020. But several points covered by the finance ministry could be lost on the common man who eagerly seeks to understand what in it for him/her.

Here’s are the major highlights and the 12 main announcements made by the Finance Minister at a glance.

FM began her speech by stating that she wished to announce a few new measures and the next steps in the series of the stimulus announcements they’ve been making.

She expressed her wish to give a picture of the economy as is stands now and also to highlight the progress that the government has been making with regards to the Atmanirbhar announcements made over the months during 2020.

She affirmed that there is definitely a strong recovery that is emerging.