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Toyota EQ small car preview

The EQ is the EV (electric vehicle) version of the IQ and is Toyota's response to what a small city car should be like. It is amongst the shortest cars with a length of about 3.1m and looks quite radical in reality.

Should Toyota launch its EQ electric small car in India?

What is the future car going to look like? Well we'd wager it would look something like the car that you see here. Meet the Toyota EQ micro car. A small car which is probably amongst the shortest in terms of length but packaged so well that it actually redefines all the things a car can do.

Displayed as part of Toyota's latest EV technology event in Delhi, the EQ will not be coming to India but after a brief drive it makes you wonder, why can't Toyota or anyone else bring a small EV like this to India?

Do let us know in the comments section if a car like the EQ appeals to you and why.