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Tara (Europe)

Meandering through the mountains in the Balkan countries of Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Tara River is partly fed by seasonal rains and partly by waterfalls and melting snow. It is crystal clear and clean all throughout. So much so, one can actually drink the water freely from any part. The river, which forms the deepest canyon in Europe, is mostly under UNESCO protection since it is a part of Durmitor National Park. On account of its pristine waters, it is teeming with flora and fauna.

Rivers with cleanest waters in the world

Rivers are a source of life. Entire civilisations have shaped and flourished on their fertile banks. Since ages, their waters have been used for cleaning, drinking and farming. With the dawn of industrialisation, they found use in electricity generation and in the booming manufacturing sector too. However, it also resulted in their waters becoming polluted with reckless, unchecked dumping of industrial and household waste onto them. This gradually rendered them unfit for human use, threatened the marine life in them and even made the surrounding banks polluted.

So far, very few rivers have been able to escape the scourge of stifling pollution. While those afflicted with it are mostly in news, those few that remain surprisingly clean – either because of human efforts or their course through sparsely populated regions – rarely find a mention anywhere.

This slideshow picks out those rivers that can still boast of clean waters that support countless species of marine animals and are perfectly safe for human use as well.