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The super developed, perfection-obsessed nation is hell bent to take it to the next level. Having built a cutting-edge transport system, housing and healthcare using sophisticated technologies, it continues to push the envelope. The nation now aims to build an integrated national sensor network (sensors gather information on various things ranging from traffic, weather, condition of buildings, roads, and so on, to be analysed for actionable insights) to improve the quality of life even more. Work is also on, on a national digital identity system to enable citizens and businesses to transact seamlessly digitally and an e-payment network to promote cashless payments everywhere – even hawker centres. Leveraging data and artificial intelligence, it plans to further improve public transport as well.

Photos: Model smart cities of the world

A smart city is empowered by technology. It harnesses data, networks and cutting edge technologies to make living, commuting and working seamless for its inhabitants.

Smart cities have technologies to monitor traffic congestion, parking spaces, water bodies and buildings and garbage in dustbins; they are energy efficient; they gather data from various sources that are analysed to come up with a course of action. Underpinning everything of course is a dependable high speed internet.

A list of cities that have fulfilled all the aforementioned criteria to become smart has been presented below in no particular order. Scroll through to uncover what special features make them smart.