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The best countries for attracting and developing talent

Rank 10. Luxembourg, Score 71.64

Photos: The best countries to attract & developing talent

Yahoo India Finance Team
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People are the most significant ingredient when it comes to making a country, a city or an organisation competitive.

The annual Global Talent Competitiveness Index has ranked countries and major cities on their ability to attract, develop and retain talent.

The study measures the performance of countries – there are 119 in the index – using six pillars:

‘Enable’ looks at the regulatory, market, business and labour landscapes and whether they help attract people, or put them off.

‘Attract’ assesses how open a country or city is to outside talent – whether that’s people or businesses – and also to those from underprivileged backgrounds, women, and older people.

‘Grow’ examines how well a country or city develops its people, for example, through a good education system that offers lifelong learning.

‘Retain’ looks at how nice it is to live there; one of the main components of talent retention is quality of life.

‘VT Skills’ measures the availability of workers with vocational and technical skills.

*  ‘GK Skills’ looks at the availability of global knowledge skills (workers in professional, managerial or leadership roles).

The benchmarking report has been compiled by international business school INSEAD with The Adecco Group and Tata Communications.

Here’s a closer look at the places that show a strong performance in each of the six pillars of the GTCI model in the 2018 ranking:

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