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In the Latin American nation people clock almost 2,255 hours at work per year. It equals to slightly over 43 hours of work each week. This is less than the maximum 48 working hours per week stipulated by Mexican laws. However, given the lax labour laws and worries over joblessness owing to underdevelopment, most end up working 10 hours every day. This means 50 working hours each week. Incidentally, in Mexico City average annual working hours is almost 2622 hours.

Nations where people work the longest, hardest

Think workaholic people, and the Japs pop into your mind first. The Japanese even have a term for death by overwork – karoshi. However, studies and surveys show the nation is not the hardest working one. There are many others that beat it in this area.

But does longer working hours necessarily translate into higher productivity? Well, jury is still out on that. Germans for instance work much shorter hours and yet have high productivity levels. And then there are many nations that embarked on a boom with their workers slogging it out in factories and service sectors.

To understand how hard people of various nationalities work, different organizations across the world have been releasing updates on the duration of work time. One such published two years back show Indian millennials on an average clock a staggering 52 hours. This is far less than the average 46 hours a week by the Japanese. Again, at the start of this year, a study by UBS showed that denizens of cities, namely Mumbai, Mexico City, Hanoi, New Delhi and Bogota work the longest.

Leaving out analysis by cities and demographics for the time being, we present to you a list of nations where people work the longest based on recent and earlier OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) surveys.