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Meet world’s youngest CEO’s

Sindhuja Rajaram

At a time when little girls are supposed to be playing with dolls and building mud houses, Sindhuja was busy learning how to draw from her cartoonist father. Soon, aspiring for more she created a company by the name of Seppan which employees 10 people and works in computer animation. According to her, her zeal and enthusiasm to do more helped her achieve this rare distinction. She is the second youngest CEO in the world after Harli and plans to attend Film School some day.

Meet the world’s youngest CEOs

Inspiration and talent have never been too less in this world full of geniuses. If you thought age is a measure of how successful you are, then you thought wrong. The success of these people was not based on their age, it was based on sheer talent, hardwork and skill. When you thought you would start something of your own in college or maybe after it, these prodigies had a ‘been there, done that’ expression on their face!

Today they stand as little pieces of inspiration for all of us: