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The Man Behind Pokemon Asks $18.95 Million for Midtown Penthouse

Mr. Koba, Mr. Ishihara, and Al Kahn at the Pokemon movie premiere. (Photo by J. Vespa/WireImage)

The man who helped bring Pokemon to the U.S. is selling his N.Y. penthouse for $18.95M

Al Kahn, the former chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment which brought a little-known Japanese anime called “Pokemon” to TVs across the U.S., is selling his four-storey Manhattan penthouse for $18.95 million.

Kahn, 69, purchased the 4,412-square foot apartment with three bedrooms and three bathrooms in 2012 for $5.4 million as a surprise gift for his then-fiancee, Jillian Crane.

The now married couple spent around $4 million stripping the penthouse and then spent two-and-half years renovating it with an art deco-inspired interior.

Click through the gallery to get a peek inside the lavish home.

All figures in U.S. dollars.