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Countries that are allowed Visa on Arrival by India

India offers Visa on Arrival to these nations

In order to boost foreign tourist arrivals, Indian government has extended visa on arrival for individuals from four to nine airports in the country. It has also approved of visa on arrival option for a group of foreign tourists, usually four or more, who choose sea or air ports to visit the country.
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A total of 11 countries are allowed Visa on Arrival and in addition to those countries the Ministry of Home Affairs has approved to include 3 new European countries to the list: France, Germany and Russia.

According to the Cushman & Wakefield Survival to Supremacy report released in September 2012, this is expected to maintain the growth of the number of FTAs in to the country, allowing the country to become a major tourist destination, which in turn is expected to boost travel and tourism’s contribution to GDP by 7.3 percent.

Source: Survival to Supremacy/Cushman & Wakefield