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Singapore, Singapore

The island state has consistently made its way to the top slot of lists of cities with best public transport systems. Solid connectivity and rapid frequency has served to reduce journey time and crowding. This, in turn, has upped productivity of people, thereby making the transit system one of the most cost-efficient. The crowning glory of the entire transport system is the metro, known as the SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transport). It ferries about 600 million passengers per year and covers around 150 kilometres. Then there is a fleet of over 3000 buses, LRT (light rail transport) and cabs. The best part – they are all air-conditioned, squeaky clean and punctual.

Commuting a cakewalk in these 10 cities with best public transits in the world

An impeccable public transport system that is clean, organised and most importantly can take you to any part of the city in the shortest possible time at affordable prices is an important hallmark of the city’s development. It helps to up productivity of its denizens and draws visitors in droves. In this manner, it serves to stoke economic growth eventually.

While building such a perfect public transit in a relatively less populated city on a large budget is hassle free, doing so in a large metropolitan reeling under overcrowding can be quite a task!

Irrespective of how challenging it was building it, we take a look at some of the cities that hold bragging rights for engineering the most reliable, integrated and seamless transport systems in the world leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Just scroll through our slideshow to learn more about them.