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The 25 highest paying internships in 2017

No. 25: Bank of America
Median monthly pay: $4,570
Bank of America, a banking and financial services company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, was first founded as the Bank of Italy in 1904.
“Good corporate culture, good intern pay, great training, great coworkers. Possibility for full time employment once the internship is over.” — Former summer credit analyst intern.

The 25 highest paying internships in 2017

Summer internships may seem like lowly gigs, but interns can make a ton of money.

It all just depends on the industry, company, and role.

To figure out where interns make the most cash, career site Glassdoor put together a report on U.S.-based internships that pay the most.

In order to make the list, a company needed at least 25 U.S.-based interns to report their salaries, and salary tiebreakers are determined by whichever company has more reviews.

Here are the companies that snagged the top spots, along with some reviews from the interns themselves and the median monthly pay they reported on Glassdoor.

This story was originally published as an article by Business Insider.

All figures in U.S. dollars.

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