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The Forbes India W-Power Trailblazers issue, now in its second edition, is an attempt to shine the light on female role models: Entrepreneurs and professionals who through their work and leadership can persuade others to be bolder, dream bigger and climb higher. (Image: Forbes India)

25 Women Who Persuade Others to Dream Bigger & Climb Higher

The Forbes India W-Power Trailblazers have been chosen by a jury of seven stalwarts from Indian business. They were given a long list of candidates from diverse businesses to choose from, and the following criteria for selection: (1) Should be a rising entrepreneur or professional, as opposed to an established one (2) Should have achieved something significant over the last year (3) Should have a robust and/or unique business model (4) In the case of entrepreneurs, should have received some external funding. If bootstrapped, should have a path to profits and (5) Should be inspirational to women in terms of setting the tone of what is possible. These final names were decided on the basis of jury votes.