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10 Style Ideas That Will Always Make You Look Great At Work

Work style ruts are the fashion equivalent of “a case of the Mondays.”

It’s shockingly easy to get stuck in a cycle of wearing different iterations of the same outfit every day, especially when you’ve been working in the same office for a year or two. At most offices, you have some built-in clothing boundaries. You rarely replace “work clothes,” because they’re not incredibly trendy pieces and it’s harder to notice when they’re out of style. And once you start hitting that snooze button three times instead of one, your no-brainer ensemble gets handier and handier.

Just like an unconventional approach to a project is often the best one, re-imagining your look can help you harness confidence and personality in a business environment. Here are 10 ingenious ideas for breaking your work style rut and keeping the Mondays out of your closet:

By Kristyn Schiavone | Business Insider