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Costa Rica

Cost Rica has slipped from its number 1 spot last year, but is still sitting comfortably at Number 2 with full marks in the healthy lifestyle category. This Central American nation is renowned for its outdoor activities like diving and hiking. Low-cost real estate coupled with a range of microclimates, along with welcoming locals and expatriate residents make this destination a hot favorite for a laidback retirement.

10 best countries to retire in

Remember when Simon and Garfunkel sang, ‘Can you imagine us years from today, sharing a park bench quietly? How terribly strange to be seventy’. Well, retirement is not that strange or melancholic anymore given the wide selection of great locations customised to the needs of retirees. In fact, more and more people are choosing to retire as early as 45-50 years.

While some people have their retirement completely planned to the smallest detail, some others get mixed up charting out a plan for their golden years. But help’s at hand.

International Living magazine recently released its latest Annual Global Retirement Index, which lists the top 10 destinations for soon-to-be retirees with a vision. The survey examines a number of factors that influence quality of life in various places including aspects such as climate, local lifestyle, cost of living, healthcare, visa and residency requirements and how easy it is for newcomers to adjust once they move into the place. As per the survey these are the 10 best cities to retire in keeping all essential factors in mind.