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Zakir Naik should be sent back to India: Malaysian minister

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Zakir Naik should be sent back to India: Malaysian minister

Malaysia Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran said India-born Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, a permanent resident of Malaysia, should not be allowed to remain in the country as he has no standing to critique Malaysian matters or cast aspersions on local communities.

According to a report in the Malaymail, Kulasegaran said Zakir Naik's actions do not reflect one deserving of a permanent resident status and this will be brought up in the next Cabinet meeting.

Naik is an outsider who is a fugitive and has little knowledge of the Malaysian history therefore he should not be given such privilege to run down other Malaysians, what more in questioning their loyalty to the country, the minister said in a statement.

The controversial preacher is wanted in India for his alleged links with terror activities and money laundering.

Kulasegaran also questioned Zakir Naik's motives in claiming that Indians in Malaysia were more loyal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi than Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

As per the report, he also asked if the controversial preacher has been emboldened by his apparent immunity and privilege due to local Muslim support.

It's time for the fugitive foreigner to leave Malaysia and to face charges of terrorism and money laundering charges in India, he said.

India is currently pressing for negotiations with the international police organisation Interpol to get a Red Corner Notice (RCN) issued against Zakir Naik. Earlier, Malaysia had refused to extradite the Islamic preacher to India on the grounds that Zakir Naik might not receive a fair trial.