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YouTuber Spends the Night at the Cheapest Airbnb in Cold Desert in Colorado, This is What Happened Next

·2-min read

In your quest to find the world's cheapest hotel, would you book one if it exists in a remote cold desert in Colorado? Well, YouTuber Ryan Trahan did exactly that and stayed for one night at an Airbnb in the middle of nowhere in a cold desert in Denver, Colorado, in the United States.

The interesting part of this Airbnb was that it just had a few basic amenities like a bed with blankets mattress and a sleeping bag. There was no roof or room as such, and it almost looked like a scene from Man versus Wild. Ryan told his viewers that on the way to his Airbnb, he came across a wolf and a carcass of a horse, which meant that he could pretty much be attacked by the wild animals.

The eight minutes forty-five second video that came out on January 15 shows how Ryan survived one night at the Airbnb situated in a remote cold desert where temperatures were in -15 degree Celsius. Giving an idea of how remote his Airbnb location was, Ryan said that the nearest hospital was six hours away. However, the 22-year-old YouTuber did come prepared as he showed the stuff that he was carrying with him that included a bear repellant spray, a few snacks like mini pretzels and Arizona Iced-tea.

Ryan also carried some durable washcloths and firesticks with him in case of emergency. However, when Ryan wanted to start a fire to keep himself warm in the night, he did not find any tree for the wood and the fire plan was cancelled. Even with the help of some rocks and little dried grass that was in the region, the fire did not light up.

Moving further in the video, Ryan discovered a cardboard box under his bed where the hotel staff had kept a bathing robe, a sleeping mask, and most interestingly, a room service phone number. At first, Ryan thought that the number would not work since his place was situated at a faraway place. But on dialing the number, Ryan did get to talk to the front desk of the hotel that he booked. He asked them to get him a hamburger to which the front desk responded that it would take thirty minutes for the order to reach him. However, the delivery guy lost his way, and it was not until five hours had passed since Ryan placed his order that he finally got to eat his McDonald’s hamburger with fries. The food was rock hard as Ryan described it in the video.

Watch the video here:

However, the youtuber managed to survive his night at the remote desert and the video has garnered over 305,792 views till now.