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Your workplace post-lockdown

Your workplace post-lockdown

The novel Coronavirus brought with it a lockdown, the likes of which has never been witnessed before. The lockdown has drastically changed the way we work, interact, study and live! After spending weeks in complete lockdown, the Government is now beginning to reopen the economy, one step at a time. Obviously, going back to work comes with anxiety because most of us no longer know what to expect. We’ve done some research to help you get at ease and mentally prepare for office post-lockdown.

A Higher Acceptance of the Work-From-Home Concept:

Prior to lockdown, most Indian Companies strongly detested the concept of Work-from-home. The belief was that employees cannot perform well if they are not in office and under supervision of their seniors and colleagues. However, lockdown has forced everyone to work from home, shattering these beliefs for most companies as employees cope with their work demands from their own houses.

A New Work-From Home Policy: 

In cases of some companies, you might not even need to ask your bosses for permission to work-from-home as they make work-from-home their standard work policy. The lockdown has helped companies test work-from-home as a concept and companies that have found employee performance to be un-impacted or functional, have, based on their own strategic policy, taken the decision to make work-from-home permanent for a majority to all of their employees. Other companies have come out with policies that draw a balance between work from home and work from office.

Social Distancing in Office:

Even if you’re going back to work, your work place infrastructure won’t be the same. With the new rules of Social Distancing being made mandatory for workplaces as they open, you’ll find much more space between your workstation and that of your colleagues as opposed to working in close quarters before. 


As companies get ready to go back to work, they’re contemplating various testing measures to ensure safety of the employees in office. You might be tested for Covid19 before you’re allowed to enter the premises every time. 

Protective Gear:

In line with the Government guidelines, going back to work would involve higher measures for personal safety such as use of Sanitizers on a frequent basis, wearing masks and in some cases wearing gloves as well.  Be prepared to incorporate these changes to your workplace wardrobe. 

Reduced Travel:

Covid19 travel restrictions have shattered the myths around the necessity of work travel. Work continued digitally during the lockdown with team members and clients from across the globe coming together on Video-Conference Calls to discuss important matters. Once you go back to work, expect the same to continue as companies look to cut costs and optimize operations. 

A Growth-Pause for the FY2020-2021:

With the lockdown hitting company profitability extensively, you can expect a bonus cut, pay cut or a hold on promotions for the current Financial Year as the company seeks to stabilize its operations and survive the impact of the lockdown. 

Team Collaborations to get more Digital:

So far, when working in a team, you had the comfort of having them close by when collaborating on a project. That meant that a lot of the collaborative work was being done offline. With the lockdown, teams have found new ways to collaborate and work online. This is expected to continue as the corporate environment shifts to a more digital domain. 

Increased Emphasis On Digital Security:

As companies adapt to an increased quantum of Work-from-home assignments, the need to protect the integrity of their data is going to increase. An increased emphasis is going to be placed on security of the Company Data with more restrictions being found on your office devices. 

The Commute To Work Will Change:

Post lockdown, your work commute is going to change forever. As companies shift to work-from-home, your commute would cease to exist. For the days, you do have to travel, your commute won’t be the same. People are more likely to shift back to private vehicles for transport due to the virus. Not only this, the lockdown has led to increased spending on Audiobook Apps and OTT Apps. It is very likely that you’ll find yourself turning your commute time productive or enjoyable as you strive to continue the activities you picked up during lockdown.