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Your view: Should India ban TikTok over spread of coronavirus?

With the rising displeasure against China for introducing coronavirus into the world, netizens are demanding boycott of Chinese made products including the app TIkTok. Hashtags like #MakeChinaPay and #ChinaLiedPeopleDied are also doing the rounds on Twitter.

Tiktok, one of the fastest-growing social media companies, is owned by the Chinese organisation Bytedance. The app has 800 million users across the world, and at least half of them belong to India. On average, Indians spend 52 minutes a day on TikTok. Privacy concerns have also been raised as it is rumoured that TikTok's parent company is required to share details about users with the Chinese government (though ByteDance claims that TikTok is not available in China and its data is stored outside of China, but its privacy policy has reserved the right to share any information with Chinese authorities).

Do you think boycotting Chinese products or banning TikTok is enough to express displeasure over COVID-19 outbreak? Will it hamper incomes of influencers who’s primary source of earning is through TikTok? Are we seeking revenge against the virus or against China? And do you think there might be an angle of privacy breach through TIkTok?

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