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Your view: Lockdown flattened COVID curve or GDP curve?

In conversation with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto Rajiv Bajaj said that the lockdown in India was aimed at flattening the COVID-19 curve but it ended up flattening the growth (GDP) curve.

“There were various forms of lockdown that we could have opted for. We chose a hard lockdown that was porous, because of which the virus situation here is still persisting. Having flattened the wrong curve, the country eventually came to suffer the worst of both worlds,” Bajaj said in a part of a series where Rahul Gandhi talks to experts on the pandemic's impact on India.

Do you agree with Rajiv Bajaj’s views on how the lockdown has impacted India? Has India been unsuccessful in flattening the COVID-19 curve with lockdown? What other approach could the Modi government have taken to ensure successful lockdown while saving the economy?

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