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Yash Shukla, the Political Leader From Indore Extends a Helping Hand

·2-min read

This pandemic is taking a toll on everyone, be it the higher section of the society or the lower ones, everyone is pretty worried and shattered out over what they will be doing in the future if it does not come to an end. However, not everyone has been suffering in the same level because of the availability of resources, be it financially or physically.

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For example the privileged people do not really have to worry about their means of income since they are Already sitting on quite a bit of saved money, but what about the people who earn their means of living on a daily basis? Who is going to take care of these people when the time comes, when the extreme lockdown was going on last year, there were no shops, factories or even working places open. In such crucial and critical times, there was also a lack of food and people were really worried about how they would survive the pandemic without proper sources. This is when Yash Shukla came into view to help out everyone else with whatever fortunes he has.

“It has always been an inbound feature in me, as taught by my father that I should think about everyone else first, and my happiness also lies in the happiness of all these people. What is the use of being a political leader and being in power if I cannot help out everyone with what I possess? It used to pain me a lot by looking at so many people, trying their best yet failing everyday because it is not really their fault that the pandemic is coming hard on them. The coronavirus pandemic is extremely devastating in nature, but other people are absorbing the shocks in different ways, and the ones who are incapable of doing so will surely be helped out by me.” Says Yash Shukla.

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Yash Shukla even made it to the headlines back in his hometown in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, for carrying on the good work. Beginning from provided food rations, housing facilities, health facilities and other people who have been affected by the COVID-19 situation.

For most part, a lot of credit goes to his father Ravi Shankar Shukla for his upbringing. Since he was born on 11 November 1994, he grew up looking at very influential political leaders who have acted selflessly on times that demanded such actions. These values stayed with him, and constructed his personality that is improving lives of thousands today.