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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s leak hints at bezel-less design, iPhone X-like notch

The Mi Mix 2, although it was a lot more accessible package than last year's Mi Mix, wasn't perfect by all means. One of its imperfections - which was more the result of an intentional design choice - was its selfie camera that was tucked away at the bottom, and was nothing short of a usage nightmare. Xiaomi may be looking to correct that with the next-generation Mi Mix. Although it hasn't been long since Xiaomi launched the Mi Mix 2, there are already talks of a successor that has been discovered in the wild.

The Mi Mix 2s, as it's being called for now, sees a change in design scheme although the intrinsic philosophy still stays largely put. The Mi Mix 2s comes with a bezel-less screen, like the Mi Mix and the Mi Mix 2, but unlike its predecessors, the Mi Mix 2s doesn't have a chin bezel. Rather, it comes with a notch, in line with what we've seen in Apple's iPhone X. The notch, which is a cut-out bezel at the top, should house the ear-piece, the necessary sensors and the selfie camera. If such be the case, users won't need to flip their Mi Mix 2s, every time they want to take a selfie photo.

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The said information, however, should be taken with a grain of salt because Xiaomi -- although it's known to copy Apple more often than one would like - takes great pride in the original design scheme of its Mix line-up. The company following Apple's steps and launching a Mix phone that looks identical to the iPhone X would negate the whole purpose of the Mix, at the end of the day. Also, Xiaomi is in the habit of launching its Mix phones during the end of the year, so there's still a lot of time before things start getting clearer with respect to the Mi Mix 3. As for the Mi Mix 2, which is available in India for Rs 35,999, Xiaomi's current generation Mix phone carries forward the trend started by last year's Mi Mix which is why it also aspires to offer more screen real estate in a compact pint-sized form factor. At the same time, the Mi Mix 2 aspires to correct some of the grueling shortcomings that made the original a lot less accessible for the general audience. This includes a broader availability and support for more global LTE bands as well.