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Xiaomi launches Mi Focus Cube stressbuster in India at Rs 199

FE Online

In a bid to expand its lifestyle portfolio in India, Xiaomi has announced a new product aimed at allowing users to increase productivity at work. Called the Mi Focus Cube, the rubik s cube lookalike can be solved using multiple patterns and serves as a stressbuster. The Xiaomi Mi Focus Cube is available to buy via at a price of Rs 199 plus delivery charge of Rs 50.

The Mi Focus Cube comes with an innovative design incorporating eight cubes with round edges that can be assembled and dismantled in many ways. Xiaomi says that Mi Focus Cube has been designed to relieve stress and anxiety. Usually, stressbusters are used by people at work to blow off steam. It is one of the many non-mobile products that have been launched in India so far. Others include Mi Scale, Mi Luggage, and more.

The Mi Focus Cube comes in a dual tone colour of white and red. It has a weight of 25 grams, which Xiaomi claims makes the Mi Focus Cube light enough to fit into pocket easily. It is suitable for children aged 14 years or higher. The dimensions of the Mi Focus Cube are 64mmx32mmx16mm.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi has officially revealed that it s working on a foldable smartphone. Xiaomi Senior Vice President Wang Xiang posted a video of him using the prototype device featuring double folding phone with a tall display folding from either side into the centre to turn into a smartphone. It is not clear when Xiaomi will launch the device commercially.