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WPI Inflation Spikes To 2.93% In February

Roshni Agarwal

As per the government data released on Thursday, wholesale inflation for the month of February has increased to 2.93% in comparison to the preceding month, which recorded WPI inflation at 2.76%. The increase in WPI inflation during the month is triggered by the hardening of prices of primary articles as well as fuel and power.

In the corresponding month of the previous year, inflation based on wholesale prices stood at 2.74%.

The data highlights that primary articles inflation increased to 4.84% in February as against 3.54% in January. Primary articles mainly comprise kitchen essentials such as milk, vegetables and fruits.

Also, fuel and power segment witnessed an increase in WPI inflation to 2.23% during the month in comparison to 1.85% in January.

It is to be noted that the central bank takes into account mainly the CPI inflation for deciding its monetary policy stance.

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