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World UFO Day 2019: These Videos of UFOs Around the World Will Make You Believe in Aliens

Riddhi Jadhav

Are you keenly interested in life outside this planet? Do alien theories and conspiracy feed your knowledge, then its a day you'll likely enjoy celebrating. Every year July 2 marks the World UFO Day! This day is marked to create more awareness about the spottings and invite fellow enthusiasts to share their insights about UFOs and extra-terrestrial life. There have been numerous alien object or unidentified flying objects that have been recorded seen by people. Meanwhile, scientists are looking for definite proof to show their existence. On this World UFO Day 2019, we give you some videos about UFO spottings around the world, which might make you want to believe in aliens. Aliens To Contact in the Next 15 Years? Watch the Video of 7 Recent UFO Sightings.

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One of the latest reports about UFO sightings came from US Navy pilots who claimed seeing UFOs almost daily in the summer of 2014 to March 2015 in the East Coast. Lieutenant Ryan Graves and four other US Navy pilots they saw unidentified objects during training manoeuvres. There have been numerous such reports about seeing such objects. We give you more such videos of UFO spottings around the world.

UFO Sightings Videos

UFO Spotted by Police in Lebanon:

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Manitoba is UFO Hotspot?

There have been not one but close to thousand spottings of alien objects in the skies here. Over the years, people have recorded UFOs in the sky.

Rise in UFO Sightings over the world

The above video gives a lowdown on the number of UFO sightings that have been reported over the years, and it shows a definite rise.

When NASA Astronaut Spotted one in Space

Top 10 UFO Sightings on Camera

The above videos show how people across the world have had some kind of encounter with a UFO. However, while it may give a hint of other life forms in the universe, there is still no definite 'yes or no' to it. Have you ever spotted an alien object? Or do you believe in the existence of aliens? Don't forget to share your thoughts or any theories that you have about the subject with us. Wish you all a Happy World UFO Day!