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World’s first space-baked chocolate chip cookies took two hours in experimental oven

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cookies made in space, food in space, bake off in space, astronauts,
cookies made in space, food in space, bake off in space, astronauts,

Ever imagined the possibility of watching a first chocolate chip cookie bake-off in space? Culinary history has been scripted in space by Italian astronaut Luca Parimitano, a master baker who baked each cookie in a prototype Zero G Oven! Thus, the world’s first baked-in-space cookies have been made, and yes, the aroma of baked cookies was experienced but the baking itself took about two hours!

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If you were baking these at home, you already know that cookies would be ready in about twenty to thirty minutes and then it’s ready to be served. In space, however, it took about two hours of baking time.

The important thing, however, is that these cookies are the first food ever baked in space, using raw ingredients.

Now if you are a foodie, the first question that pops in your mind would be:’How do cookies baked in space taste?’ Bingo!

The truth is that no one really knows as these five made-in-space cookies have been sent back for further testing.

All that we know from various reports is that the cookies remain sealed in their baking pouches and packed in space flight container.

Each of the cookies had different baking timings. For instance, the first cookie was found to be undercooked as it was baked for 25 minutes. For the next two, the cooking time was then tweaked and doubled, with the results being marked as ‘so-so.’

Now, these space cookies are still in frozen form, which implies that additional testing would be required to check whether the three cookies returned from space are safe enough to be eaten.

Nanoracks and Zero G Kitchen had collaborated for this innovate, the first-of-its-kind experiment. In this instance, Nanoracks had designed the space oven, which is completely different from the ones that we use in our homes. Now there are speculations that these two are likely to line up more experiments for the orbiting oven.