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World Bicycle Day 2020: Some Interesting Facts Related To Bicycles

Prerna Aditi
·2-min read

Bicycles are considered to be the most feasible, eco-friendly, reliable and affordable means of transport. It was in the year 2018 when the United Nations declared 3 June to be observed as the World Bicycle Day. This decision was taken in the UN General Assembly that acknowledged the benefits of using bicycles as a means of transport. On this World Bicycle Day, we are here with interesting facts about bicycles.

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1. It was in the 19th century when Karl von Drais, a German Baron invented the precursor of the modern bicycle that we use.

2. The term bicycle wasn't introduced until the 1860s. It was later used to describe a 'two-wheeler' vehicle.

3. The word 'bicycle' has been derived from the French word 'bicyclette'. Prior to this, bicycles were known as velocipedes.

4. Though bicycles usually have two seats, there is a record of 35 people driving a 67 feet long bicycle.

5. During the 19th-century bicycle riding became a popular competitive sport in England. It also became a favourite pastime among people.

6. The First rear-wheel bicycle was designed by Kirkpatrick Macmillan, a Scottish blacksmith.

7. Markus Stockl, an Australian racing cyclist, once drove a bicycle down the hill at the speed of 164.95/km. This is nearly equal to the speed of a volcanic eruption.

8. Wright brothers who invented the first airplane ran a small bicycle repair workshop. In the year 1903, they used their workshop for building the Wright Flyer.

9. In the year 1935, Fred A. Birchmore (25) went across the globe on his bicycle. He covered the entire journey of 40,000 miles from Europe and Asia, to the United States. He pedalled the bicycle for 25, 000 miles while he covered the rest of the journey through boats. During the entire journey, he changed seven sets of tires.

10. During the 1800s, bicycles were first brought to China. Today, more than a half a billion of the country's population uses bicycles.

11. Every year over 100 million bicycles are manufactured.

12. In the United Kingdom (UK), there are more than 20 million bicycles. It also has 400 clubs dedicated to cycling.

13. A single car parking can hold the space of up to 6 to 20 bicycles depending upon the area.

14. A year's maintenance cost of a bicycle is 20 times cheaper than that of a single car.

15. The resource and energy used for manufacturing one single car can be utilised in manufacturing over 100 bicycles.

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