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Why India should focus on cyber security with increased digitisation

Debjit Sinha

Digital India needs cyber security more than ever! Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been pitching for ‘Digital India’ for bringing in a more transparent as well as easy to access system. Nowadays, from banking, credit, debit transactions, data related to PAN Card, Aadhaar card to other confidential details, our dependency on cyberspace has been growing exponentially. Concerns have been raised over security threat and vulnerability of the whole eco-system. The more we digitize, there are apprehensions that cyber-crime will rise in a synchronised manner. Therefore, we need a holistic approach to look into this critical aspect and it is high time to assess the preparedness to tackle the ever-looming threat, said Cyber Patriots Task Force constituted by SKOCH Group.

Talking about protecting the banking details, Inspector General of Police-Cyber, Maharashtra Brijesh Singh said the responsibility lies with the banks and every complaint must be registered. Maharashtra government initiated a Rs 1000 crore project in the state. Under this multi-crore project, the concerned authorities have been building cyber labs and cyber police stations in each district, Singh said.

With 90 per cent of the country’s IT capability outside the government, the role of Cyber Patriotism is a pivotal role in breaking the existing cyber monopoly in the country, said Sameer Kochhar, Chairman of SKOCH Group. The government and private sector must join hands to deal cyber-security issue as the latter has more resources, knowledge and resources, according to Former Director General, National Informatics Center Shefali Dash.

Principal Consultant and CTO, Passport Seva, Ministry of External Affairs Gokul Kumar Simli said that to put the right security measures and checks in a proper manner, the government authorities need to understand the nature of the data that are there to be protected. Talking about ‘cyber warfare’, Jaspreet Singh Partner-Cyber Security, Africa, India & Middle East(AIM), ErnstYoung, said along with Army, India needs cybersecurity too keeping in mind the nation s perspective. Akhilesh Tuteja, Global Co-Leader-Cyber Security KPMG said authorities have been trying to protect singularity of interests with a cybersecurity strategy.