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Whiteside Capital Group introduces an alternative way to grow investment portfolio

·3-min read

Cape Town, South Africa – When it comes to investment, a good investor knows not to put all eggs in one basket. This is why an investment portfolio must contain both traditional and alternative investments. Traditional investments usually include assets such as stocks, bonds, and equity shares. Alternative investments or alternatives are assets that are not correlated with traditional ones. There are different types of alternatives available, and Whiteside Capital Group is introducing an innovative one.

Whiteside Capital Group (WSC) started out as a financial technology firm that focuses on bridging businesses to alternative financiers and financial institutions. The company resolves financing needs with liquidity provided by a ready pool of Private High Net Worth (HNW) Investors co-investing with WSC. In 2020, WSC saw growth opportunities and branched out into the Auction Industry with Whiteside Capital Auction. The company aims to disrupt the age-old traditional auction industry with technology and be a leading auction house.

Auctions are one of the oldest forms of selling personal property, and its history spans throughout centuries. Auctions involve automobiles, fine jewelry, art, antiques, high-end collectibles, watches, and real estate. The online auction industry around the world was valued at US$4.0719 billion in 2019. The online auction market size is its fastest-growing sector at 9.2% annually. Auctions are the best way to realize the highest returns for a commodity.

WSC is an alternative investment platform that allows anyone to buy ownership stakes in rare items such as a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpetual watch. Traditionally, this type of investment is only available to the affluent class, but thanks to Whiteside Capital Group, anyone can now participate in this alternative investment.

“Tangible assets, especially luxury goods, tend to hold value better and are increasingly perceived as safe havens for investors. By seeking out and acquiring distressed luxury assets, we ensure maximum growth in our clients’ portfolio value” explained Raymond Cornish, Chief Executive Officer of Whiteside Capital Group.

“We incorporate crowd financing and auctions together to help investors grow their money by empowering them to have shared ownership of luxury assets. Assets bought through crowd financing will later be auctioned through Whiteside Capital Auction, WSC’s auction house. The profit earned will later be divided among the investors who participated in the crowd financing” added Cornish.

Whiteside Capital Auction is one of the first auction houses that accepts cryptocurrency for payment, disrupting the whole auction industry. Through this newest innovative alternative investment, investors now have more options to grow their portfolios, especially during unprecedented times.

About Whiteside Capital Group

Whiteside Capital Group (WSC) is a multifaceted technological firm founded focusing on bringing value to retail clients through the use of unique technologies and a global collaborative economy concept. Incorporated in 2016 at Belize, the company sources and introduces opportunities for our clients to fund the acquisition of various undervalued assets and in return provide a share of profits after every auction. It also aims to introduce the first of its kind, global collaborative auction concept to the world through our Collaborative Auction Program (CAP).

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Zane Jelani

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