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What skills are Indians learning for 2021

Srishti P
·2-min read

The pandemic has restricted people from getting out of the houses, but that did not stop many people from doing productive work. Having a lot of time in hand has become an added advantage.

It seems like students and career aspirants have left no stones unturned to add more weight to their resume. The unconventional and challenging skills certainly shine brighter in their profile, and they can also prove to be the starting steps towards a lucrative career.

  • Digital Marketing

Marketing and advertising are the two important aspects that boost visibility and popularise a company’s brand identity. A digital marketer understands the industry requirements, different facets of business, and generates various digital media. People who have sound knowledge of technology, social media, and other digital mediums quickly grabbed the learning spots.

  • Python Training

Python is the easiest, simplest, and a beneficial coding language used in web development, web designing, software development, and even game development. There are several work from home opportunities for individuals who have Python coding skills. That is one of the main reasons why about 30% of people have actively approached online courses that taught basic to advanced Python skills.

  • Ethical Hacking

Vulnerabilities and information breaching can be the reason for a company’s debacle. An ethical hacker helps to keep any discrepancies and information leaks at bay, guarding the company against any rival threats. The cybersecurity field always looks out for ethical hackers, and the IT sectors are slowly offering good pay for those who can protect the confidential data of a company. That is why the youth was very enthusiastic about learning the ‘good’ hacking tricks.

  • Data Science

Data Science is a leading course that is in great demand. On a rough estimation, about 11 million jobs will be created by 2026 in this sector. Focused on problem-solving skills, the data scientist focuses on proper utilisation of data that is abundant in the technological industry. According to the University of Berkeley, this field will offer more hefty pay packages than it already does.

  • Language Skills

Languages shouldn’t become a barrier for effective communication, mainly when the companies are strongly relying on work from home setups. Also, knowing a different language or two will make the application stand out in a pile. The Indian crowd has started improving their English skills and learning foreign languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, and even Chinese.

Depending on the individual interests, Indians were very proactive in enrolling for newer courses and learning programs. There is so much more to look forward to in 2021, and the smarter lot has already begun to move up and upgrade their skills. (Inputs: Pepper Content)