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Ways to ensure you are having enough water

Rashi Bhattacharyya
·2-min read

Ways to ensure you are having enough water
Ways to ensure you are having enough water

29 Nov 2020: Ways to ensure you are having enough water

According to the WHO, an average person's fluid requirements range from t liters to 16 liters per day, depending on the level of workload or heat stress.

But due to our busy lives, sometimes we forget to hydrate ourselves enough, which can lead to multiple health issues.

If you want to ensure that your body has adequate fluid levels, follow these simple strategies.

Reminders: Your smartphone is your best friend

Your smartphone can help you achieve your hydration goal with ease.

Use the alarm app or download a water tracking app and set reminders as per your requirement.

Try setting a reminder to take a few sips of water every 30 minutes. Most importantly, follow it religiously and never snooze it.

Bottles: Carry a reusable water bottle whenever you leave the house

Keep one water bottle to carry with you every time you are out running errands.

Also, keep sipping on some water from time to time, even if you are not thirsty. If you have long working hours and unable to leave the desk, make an effort to get up and refill the bottle.

A bottle with quantity markups is also a great idea.

Foods: Consume foods packed with natural water

Additionally, you can ensure adequate fluid levels by including some hydrating foods in your diet.

Fruits like watermelon and pineapple and veggies like cucumber have high levels of water. In fact, 94% of watermelon's weight is just water.

Consumption of these foods not only ensures that you are well-hydrated throughout the day but also provides you with many essential nutrients.

Spice: Have spicy food, thank us later

A spicy meal is an interesting way to increase water consumption which almost always works.

I mean think about it. A little heat at mealtime will make you reach for a glass of water to cool down your body.

Just make sure that your meals have some chilies or spicy seasonings like cayenne pepper and hot sauce. But, don't overdo it.

Dehydration: Avoid or reduce the consumption of dehydrating drinks

Just because you need fluids doesn't mean you should drink every beverage out there. In fact, some drinks can reduce the water in your body.

For example, caffeine can stimulate your kidneys to excrete water and sugary drinks can pull water from your surrounding tissue to dilute their concentrated sugar.

The same goes for alcoholic beverages, which can dehydrate you terribly.