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Way to go! Indian Railways’ Delhi Division cuts energy bill by 80% with new technology for trains

Devanjana Nag

Indian Railways to save crores on energy bill! An unprecedented feat was achieved by the Delhi Division of Northern Railway zone by successfully converting and running 32 pairs of premium and Mail/Express trains on the "Head On Generation" (HOG) system. According to a press release issued by the Northern Railways’ Delhi Division, at present premium trains including 11 pairs of Shatabdi Express, eight pairs of Rajdhani Express, two pairs of Duronto Express, one pair of Humsafar Express as well as 10 pairs of Mail/Express trains are running on this HOG system in Delhi Division. In its effort to cut down on its energy bills and to strengthen environmental conservation, the Delhi Division has introduced the HOG technology in 32 trains having 44 rakes.

According to the press release, the power supply tapped from power lines through a pantograph to the engine of the train is used to run the engine and haul the coaches of the train. In this HOG system, power supply tapped from overhead to the engine of the train will be distributed to the trailing coaches for power requirements. This new technology has been introduced in all the trains that are fitted with LHB coaches and are hauled by electric traction. The HOG system caters to the power of the coaches like air conditioning, coach lighting, etc. This is alternate of technology that was used earlier, having two power cars in the trains known as End on Generation (EOG), the release stated.

According to SC Jain, Divisional Railway Manager, Delhi, the HOG system does not require any diesel oil consumption and reduces air pollution as well as noise pollution. Moreover, the HOG system also provides uninterrupted illumination in the coaches. He further stated that the new HOG technology is expected to save around Rs 65 crore per annum on diesel consumption of generator cars.