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Watch: Bill Gates Is Not Happy With Electric Vehicles, Here's Why

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In an interview given to YouTuber Marques 'MKBHD' Brownlee, Bill Gates revealed that he has bought his first electric car – Porsche Taycan. Gates said that electric vehicles have a huge potential of bringing down carbon emission, but added that there are obstacles to it as well. The former CEO and co-founder of Microsoft said his car is a premium vehicle and he enjoys riding it, but when asked by the YouTuber if he has come across any problem in the new Porsche Taycan that might put people off from buying it, Gates replied that the distance the car covers in a single recharge does not meet expectations.

He said that if somebody wants to travel a long-distance they would face problems due to “pervasiveness of recharging” the battery. He also added that recharging the battery takes a lot of time in comparison to filling up a tank of gas. “The amount of energy that's going in per minute of filling your gas tank is kind of mind-blowing,” Gates said and added that it is 30 times more dense than the current lithium battery.

The billionaire also added that even though many car manufacturers have started production of electric passenger vehicles, the biggest concern lies with whether customers would be capable of affording the range. Gates, however, added that the electric car, however, has its benefits, including reducing carbon emissions. The Porsche Taycan’s top model Turbo S speeds up 0 to 100km in just 2.8 seconds and is the first electric car from German automobile manufacturer Porsche.