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Want to get Rs 3,990 OnePlus Bullets Wireless Red for Rs 799? Here is a trick, but it won't work for all

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Want to get Rs 3,990 OnePlus Bullets Wireless Red for Rs 799? Here is a trick, but it won't work for all

The invites to the OnePlus event will be available via for Rs 799 starting 10:00 am IST on 6 December 2018

Let's clear this in advance: not many people will be able to get the OnePlus Wireless Red for Rs 799. But some definitely will. Now, this is a new colour variant of the Bullets Wireless earphones that the OnePlus launched a while ago. It costs Rs 3,990 and it is currently out of stock but some lucky OnePlus users may end up getting it for Rs 799. The trick is keep an eye on the OnePlus event that is scheduled for December 12 and buy a ticket for that. At the event, OnePlus will launch the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition that may come with 10GB RAM.

So, how do you get the OnePlus Bullets Wireless worth Rs 3,990 for Rs 799? As noted earlier, buy the ticket for OnePlus December 12 event scheduled to take place in Mumbai. For its launch events, OnePlus often invites its fans to be part of the company's announcement and for the entry it charges a nominal fee. This time the ticket for the OnePlus Mumbai event on December costs Rs 799. However, once you buy the ticket and end up at the event, you get a free gift hamper from OnePlus that has some goodies in it. This time, one of free gift that people who buy the OnePlus event ticket and attend the launch will get is going to be the Bullets Wireless Red.

"As part of OnePlus' Fifth Anniversary celebrations, the collaboration between the two brands (OnePlus and McLaren) will unfold in India in a 'Salute to Speed' event on December 12 at Richardson and Cruddas Limited, Byculla, Mumbai," OnePlus said in a note to media. "Ahead of the event on December 12, the company also announced that community members can also be a part of all the on-ground excitement through the purchase of invites. These invites will be available via at Rs 799 starting from 10:00 am IST on Thursday, 6 December 2018."

And what do you get in return of the ticket? "The OnePlus Community at the event will be the first in India to experience the latest OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition at the experience zones at the celebration. In addition, all attending community members will receive a gift hamper full of super add-ons like official McLaren merchandise and the new OnePlus Bullets Wireless Red," the company notes.

So, there you go: Spend Rs 799 and get the Bullets Wireless red worth Rs 3,990 along with some other gifts. But as noted earlier, the trick doesn't work for everyone. It works well only for people who live in Mumbai or are in Mumbai on December 12. After all, you will not fly to Mumbai from Delhi, spending Rs 8000 on air fare just because you want to get the Bullets Wireless for Rs 799.

It also works only for those who can get the OnePlus event tickets when the sale opens on December 6. Usually, tickets to the OnePlus event sell out very quickly, within minutes. Usually, there are around 1000 tickets on sale, but the number varies from event to event. And because OnePlus has a pretty good fan following, its fans do buy the tickets quickly as soon as the sale starts.

Talking of the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, a "notify me" page for the phone has already gone up on Amazon India. It is expected that the phone will come in either red colour, or will have red accents in its design. The core hardware -- screen, camera, processor etc -- in the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition is going to similar to what you get in the regular OnePlus 6T. But we hear that this new edition will have 10GB RAM, and will definitely come with 256GB storage. It is likely to be priced between Rs 45,000 and Rs 50,000.