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Want to get hired at Google? Here are some tips

Ramya Patelkhana

Want to get hired at Google? Here are some tips

17 Nov 2018: Want to get hired at Google? Here are some tips

Google is one of the world's best and highest paying companies and many people aspire to land a high-paying job at the tech giant.

Every year, Google, which is known for offering attractive perks and benefits to employees, receives applications from thousands of job seekers.

If you are someone who has always dreamed of working at Google, here are some tips to get hired.

Fact: Things to keep in mind about getting hired

Google is one of the biggest employers. However, before applying for a job, one must understand it takes more than a strong resume to get hired; one has to be strategic about it. Applicants must know what to expect at every stage of the process.

Tip #1: Is there a secret formula to land a Google job?

Those who want to work at Google must regularly visit the company's careers page, devoted to the hiring process, to find a suitable job.

Google takes its hiring seriously; applicants must know what the company looks for when hiring employees.

They must also understand that there is no sure-shot formula for becoming a "Noogler" (the word used by Google for its new employees).

Tip #2: Prepare your information; update your resume and LinkedIn profile

Applicants must ensure that their resume is up-to-date and make necessary changes to it.

Their "Objective" should match with the job they are applying for; details about their past experience, skills, and achievements must be highlighted. The resume is the most source of information for Google to learn about applicants.

They should also update their LinkedIn profile, which is also an important information source.

Tip #3: There are two types of interviews in Google hiring process

Google conducts Phone/Google Hangout and Onsite interviews.

Phone/Hangout interviews last 30-60 minutes; applicants speak with potential managers/colleagues.

For software engineering roles, algorithms and data structures would be discussed and applicants are likely to write 20-30 lines of code.

When asked open-ended questions, candidates can ask clarifying questions, explain responses in an algorithm, convert it to workable code, optimize and test it, and find bugs.

Tip #4: Next stage, the Onsite interview

The second phase of Google's interview process is the Onsite interview, during which candidates meet many Google employees.

Applicants can prepare common interview questions. The round tests candidates' general cognitive ability, leadership skills, decision-making ability, and job-related knowledge.

For technical roles, candidates must thoroughly know at least one programming language, focus on conceptual understanding, know sorting and data structures, and approach problems with algorithms.

Tip #5: Having 'Googleyness' is an added bonus

Having "Googleyness", which means being innovative, disruptive, and thinking out-of-the-box, is an added advantage for candidates looking to land a Google job.

On its "How We Hire" page, Google lists "Googleyness" as a strength, saying, "Share how you work individually and on a team, how you help others, how you navigate ambiguity, and how you push yourself to grow outside of your comfort zone."