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Voyager probes in interstellar! The Indian greetings, image and song aliens would find in its Golden Record

Tarun Bhardwaj
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Launched almost four decades ago, Voyager probes are the farthest things send by humanity. At the time of writing this story, Voyager 1 was 13,467,283,562 miles away from Earth and Voyager 2 was 11,203,575,469 miles from Earth. Few years ago, Voyager 1 became the first human-made object in the interstellar space and last year, Voyager 2 also achieved this feat. The Voyager probe is man’s first and the most ambitious project to connect with extra-terrestrial life in other solar systems or galaxies.

Apart from the various milestones the Voyager probes have achieved including the pale blue dot photograph of the Earth and capturing storm in Jupiter, the probes carry something most unusual. It carries a collection of sounds of the Earth s natural phenomena and wildlife, messages in dozens of languages, photos of its people and monuments, greetings and samplings of music, etc. Should aliens or other worldly beings ever find these probes, scientists assume that they will find these things from Earth in a gold-plated records which carry a message from humanity in Voyager Interstellar Record engraved in copper and plated in gold, hence the name the Golden record.

The Golden Record has collection of photos, sounds and greetings from across the world but here you’ll know what all Indian things feature in the Golden record. So if there are aliens out there, these are the things they will see, read or hear from India.

The Golden Record


The Golden Record on the Voyager probes carry greetings in 55 world languages and it features many languages spoken in India as well. Here is the English translation of the 10 Indian greetings aliens, if they ever exist or find these records, would read in the Golden Record:

Bengali: Hello! Let there be peace everywhere.
English: Hello from the children of planet Earth.
Gujarati: Greetings from a human being of the Earth. Please contact.
Hindi: Greetings from the inhabitants of this world. (Dharti ke wasiyon ki ore se namaskar.)
Kannada: Greetings. On behalf of Kannada-speaking people, ‘good wishes.
Marathi: Greetings. The people of the Earth send their good wishes.
Punjabi: Welcome home. It is a pleasure to receive you.(Ao ji, Ji aaiya nu.)
Rajasthani: Hello to everyone. We are happy here and you be happy there.(Sab logo ne mharo Ram-Ram pahuche, hume athe raji khushi haan, tum uthe raji khushi reh ji.)
Telugu: Greetings. Best wishes from Telugu-speaking people.
Urdu: Peace on you. We the inhabitants of this earth send our greetings to you.(Assalam Walekum. Hum Zameen ke rehne walo ki taraf se aapko khushamdeed kehte hain.)

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The Voyager Golden record has 27 musical sounds and songs including Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, ‘Dark Was the Night’ written and performed by Blind Willie Johnson and Mozart’s The Magic Flute. The only Indian music featured in the Golden records is ‘Jaat Kahan Ho’ song sung by Surshri Kesar Bai Kerkar.


The Golden Record Voyager probes contain 115 images selected by a for NASA by a committee led by Carl Sagan of Cornell University. These images are encoded in analog form. The only image from India that made its way into the list of 115 is that of monument of love Taj Mahal. It was selected because of its impressive architecture and was picked over other sites like Mayan pyramids and cathedrals and other structures because it was not built to honor any god or religious activity but in the memory of love!

Taj Mahal

The probes are heading away from Earth into the interstellar space and beyond and they are also expected to run out of power in the near future but the two Voyager spacecrafts could still wander silently in the space for billions of years. Probably these would be the few traces left of humanity the the entire Universe.