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Vodafone REDX postpaid plan vs Jio Rs 199 plan and Airtel Rs 999 plan

As of now, no other telecom operator offers any sort of similar plans as the Vodafone REDX.

Vodafone recently introduced a limited postpaid plan, dubbed Vodafone REDX plan. The plan is being offered as a limited first come first serve plan. It is currently available for the consumers to pre-book on the company's website and will go live for its customers starting November 25.

Under its new plan, the company offers a lot of features like up to 50 per cent faster speeds, premium customer service, access to airport lounges, exclusive deals on handsets, hotel bookings and more. As of now, no other telecom operator offers any sort of similar plans to its customers. Here's a comparison of the nearest plans both Airtel and Reliance Jio have to offer to its postpaid customers, near to the Vodafone REDX plan.

Price, Minimum lock-in period

Customers pre-booking the Vodafone REDX plan is priced at Rs 999 per month and has a minimum lock-in period of six months. If a subscriber wants to discontinue using the plan before six months have passed, they will be charged a fee of Rs 3,000 in lieu of the plan benefits, even if they haven't used them.

Airtel also offers a Rs 999 plan for its postpaid users which has no lock-in periods, allowing customers to switch plans or networks.

Reliance Jio only offers one postpaid plan priced at Rs 199 per month, which has no lock-in periods, allowing the customers to switch at any point of time by just paying the full bill. Reliance Jio customers are also required to purchase the Jio Prime membership for Rs 99 per year while activating their connections.

Calling and Data benefits

Under the Vodafone REDX plan, the company states that it will provide its customers with unlimited calling benefits and unlimited data. It also states that the REDX plan subscribers will be offered up to 50 per cent faster speeds compared to normal Vodafone subscribers. Though the company is offering unlimited data in the terms and conditions of the plan it wrote that the speeds will be throttled to 1 Mbps after consuming 150GB data per month.

Vodafone is also offering REDX customers rate cutters on ISD calls. Calls made to the US or Canada will be charged at 50 paise per minute, China and Hong Kong calls will be charged ar Rs 2 per minute. Calling people in Bangladesh and the UK will cost Rs 3 per minute and calls made to Australia, Bhutan, Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand will be charged at Rs 5 per minute.

Airtel also provides its customers with unlimited local, STD and roaming calls with the pack. It also allows four free family add-ons. As for data, it offers consumers 150GB of 4G/3G high-speed data with a data rollover facility.

Reliance Jio offers its users unlimited local, STD and roaming calls. The company doesn't offer any sort of rate cutters on ISD calls. As for the data benefits, under this plan, Reliance Jio offers customers 25GB of total data which when finished, the customer will be charged Rs 20 per GB they consume.


Vodafone along with its REDX plan is offering customers one year worth of Netflix subscription, one year of an Amazon Prime subscription, one year worth of Zee5 subscription and a year worth of access to premium content and Live TV on the Vodafone Play app.

Airtel provides its users three months of complimentary Netflix subscription, a year worth of Amazon Prime subscription and premium access to its Airtel Xstream app.

Reliance Jio, on the other hand, offers a complimentary subscription to its own apps, including Jio TV and Jio Cinema.

Other Benefits

Vodafone under its REDX plan offers consumers a lot of other benefits like Airport lounge access, discounts on Samsung devices and more. The first benefit it offers is Premium Customer service support. It also offers consumers along with discounts on Samsung smartphones, free i-Roam pack worth Rs 2,999 for seven days, four times Airport Lounge Access. The company also offers a 10 per cent discount on and a 15 per cent discount on